Travel using Astrology/Astrolocality/Astrocartography

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Machu Picchu, Peru pics


I love to travel and I am offering retreats in interesting places.  In September 2015 , I am offering a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru, and another to the Dominican Republic in January 2016.  As part of the retreat, I provide an Astrolocality report (also known as an Astrocartography or relocation report) .  Astrolocality shows what kind of energy you are likely to experience in any part of the world that you visit or, relocate to.

Many people use Astrolocality reports to determine the best places to make investments or hold business meetings for an auspicious outcome in their favor.  Successful business people, royal families, and the elite have been using astrology for centuries; to get or maintain success.  The only information needed is your birthday and exact time of birth.

If you would like a chart to see what type of energy you might experience in a specific place to help you make a big decision, or decide where to relocate or visit, please see this link

If you are interested in coming along for the retreat, please visit my meetup page at

If you are NOT a local of southern CA , you are welcome to participate in the meetup via Skype, FaceTime, etc., after all, we are traveling internationally!  Feel free to reach out to me via email @



Travel with you soon!


Dating – The Purpose of the Third Date Rule

The 3rd Date Rule:

There is a rule that I used and my friends use who are dating.  Actually, I have read this rule in some women magazines as well and they say the same thing. A man should know if the woman is interested in him romantically by the 3rd date.  It is the 3rd date rule or third date rule.  The way a man knows this is by sharing some kind of romantic contact that can’t be confused as just being friendly.  Like a kiss and I don’t mean a kiss on the cheek.  I mean an intimate kiss on the lips.  If the woman doesn’t do anything intimate by the third date.  I would recommend moving on. This date rule is the truth.

As a man and the way our society is you have to initiate the romantic contact the majority of the time.  This means, guys, don’t be afraid to go in for a kiss.  Especially by the third date.  If she doesn’t want to kiss you the first time that is ok.  Here is why.  You might have caught her off guard when you tried and she didn’t consider you romantically.  So try again for a second time later.  She has had time to think of you that way now.  Now she knows you are interested.  If she doesn’t want to the second time then she doesn’t like you romantically.  Men if you don’t initiate any romance one, you don’t let her know you are interested in her romantically and two you are now not seen romantically.  You are now in the friend zone.

This rule will help you save time and find a compatible partner.  If you want a friend relationship. That is cool then this rule doesn’t apply to you.  But if you are looking for romance and your time is precious then the three date rule might help.  It’s a good way to gauge the difference between a romantic relationship from a friend relationship.  The 3rd date rule is helpful.  Check out the 3rd date rule tag, search 3rd date rule, subscribe to the blog and see some of our other posts on the dating.  Many people have found the third date rule helpful.  Most women know in 5 minutes if they consider you a mate.  It is our job to not mess things up from those intial impressions.

We have a perspective from the ladies on the 3rd date rule now as well here

Astrology Charts

If  you’re interested in Astrology and would like to take a closer look at you, your relationships, career and how to make them more successful,  take a  look below for a description of available Wellnesssoup astrology charts.

What they’re all about…

Natal Report $12

Imagine a picture of the planets and  stars taken at the exact time of your birth.  This picture tells a story about your personality traits including strengths, challenges and interests to help you understand who you are and the best ways to get to where you want to go.

Transit Report $12

A personalized horoscope created precisely for you based on the unique time and place of your birth.  A transit report is much more accurate than a general horoscope you see in the newspaper or on-line.  It doesn’t speak about general influences for everyone that happens to be a particular sign.  Instead, it speaks about influences that are completely unique to you!  The transit report has helped me through many tuff days and has been very accurate in my experience.

Astrolocality Astrology Report  $15

Gives a description on what types of energy you are likely to experience in different areas around the globe.  If you are looking to move from your current location, it would be a good idea to check locality strengths and challenges when considering relocation possibilities. For example, if you are looking for love, certain locations have an affinity to support loving relationships and a happy family life.  Or perhaps you are wanting to highlight your career opportunities and growth.  Many successful business people carefully select precise energy locations for the most desired results in their business transactions.  It’s like giving yourself a home court advantage times  100!

AstroLocality  reports include:

Love and Romance

Career and Vocation

Friends and Family

Imagination and Inspiration

Excitement and Instability

Education and Communication

Culture and Creativity

Optimism and Opportunity

Responsibility and Focus


For a specialized report please give me a call or send me a text at 424-200-3650.

Peace and Blessings,


Astrology Repoorts

Sedona’s Super Lunar Energy Retreat

Sedona’s Super Lunar Energy Retreat

Sedona 1We just returned from Sedona during the super moon.  I always wanted to go to Sedona. It was one of those bucket list places and once I heard it was a special time I wanted to experience Sedona’s super lunar energy being that is was a super full moon.

I can say that some people are sensitive to energy while others are not.  Sedona is a beautiful place with a lot of different things to do.  From religious, metaphysics, holistic to hiking to water activities, I would recommend going there at least once in your life. The locals say there are more crystals and magnetic energy in the rock and ground around us. That is the reason they say there is so much more energy there.Montezumas Castle

Now the super moon, I didn’t feel the energy in combination with the vortexes.So I don’t know. But what I do know is that it is a beautiful place and I will remember it forever. We did some sight seeing.  Visited the Montezuma’s Castle, did some hiking and ate some good food.  I would recommend Sedona for anyone to vacation.Sedona and Super Moon

Art of Love vs Act of Love

Art of Love vs Act of Love

3rd Date Rule

3rd Date Rule

The ART of love is much more than the ACT itself – Kama Sutra

This is so true. There are 24hrs in a day. Lets be real maybe 1hour of that is sex. When that is done you still have the rest of the time of the day to live. Don’t get me wrong, sex can be blissful. But once the euphoria leaves you what’s next? The art of love. In bed and out of bed. Keep that mindset of the art. Make your experience passionate and unbridled and that feeling of positivity will overflow through the rest of the day.

Peace and wellness.

Common Sense Bicycle Safety

Riding a bicycle is good in many different ways.  But is riding a bicycle safe especially in the street? There needs to be a serious discussion about bicycle safety these days.  There needs to be a common sense bicycle safety discussion.

I’ve seen with my own eyes two bicyclist get hit by cars.  One guy was pinned under the car moaning in agony.  About 10 guys had to lift the car off of him before the fire department came.  My friend who is an avid rider says he has been hit twice as well.  He lives to talk about it going threw a Jaguars windshield.  There is a saying you can be right or you can be dead right.  The thing is if I were a cyclist I know I would loose in any automobile accident out there.  Even if I have the right-of-way and all, if a car hits me I am going to loose.  With that in mind I’m going to limit my time in the actual street.  I ride on the sidewalk as much as possible and ride in bicycle lanes.  I do not ride on busy streets at all period.

There are actual laws that make it legal for riders to take up a whole lane in the street.  I understand the intention, but I also understand that this is a catastrophe waiting to happen.  Cars get rear-ended all the time. Now imagine a bike getting rear ended by a car.  This defies common sense to me.  All it takes is one person driving to make a mistake and bam.

If cyclists ride and respect cars then I think it will be better for both parties.  Use common sense when riding.  Don’t take up to much space in the street if there isn’t a designated bike path or lane.  Remember you are not indestructible.  Even if you are right and not at fault in a car involved accident, regardless of all that you may still die or get seriously injured.  Now is that worth it?

To sum it up, cyclist just need to exercise common sense bicycle safety and realize you are not a car and stay in your lane.  We can all hope drivers respect cyclist too.  But their life isn’t on the line.

Here is a link from the DMV.


Living a Balanced Life

Living a Balanced Life

Helping with balance

Helping with balance

Maintain balance so you won’t fall off. If you do fall, then all you have to do is get back up. That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger so as long as you get up you will be stronger. This is where living a balanced life comes in.

All work and no play makes jack a dull kid. I explained to many people that college is more than just going to class. If that’s what you did and that’s it then you missed out. You hear the term “college experience” it means the extra curricular activities. That means going to games, being apart clubs and going to parties. I tell people college didn’t make me any smarter. What it did do is teach me how to be balanced, time manage and strive under pressure. It taught me the importance of networking. I learned being friends to the professors and participating in class ensured I got a good grade if I was on the borderline. Being a part of clubs I learned which classes to take and which ones motto take. I met all kinds of people some I’m still friend’s with.

I now make sure I have a work/life balance too. If I put too much time into work and I can’t live, meaning all I do is go to work and work late, go home and eat and then do it all over again then that is not balance. That’s not living. Why work like that if you can’t live. I don’t have a problem with working hard. In fact I encourage it but reward yourself to and spend time with friends and family. Take that vacation. It’s all about living a balanced life.

Living a balanced life is important in overall wellness. Always ask yourself am I living a balanced life.

Falling Out with a Friend

I was recently asked a question, should I reach out to a friend that I have had a falling out with?  They haven’t spoken in years, but recently they dreamed about that person.  That is a tough question; reaching out to a friend who you have a falling out with is not easy.  It most certainly is not a must.  But it can bring closure.

Bringing closure.

Some might say,  you had the falling out for a reason and for that they deserve to be in your past.  Now this is different from friends and ex’s.  Ex’s deserve to be in your past in my point of view.  You must move forward with your life.  The same could be said about friends as well, but there is a difference.  Partners are held to a higher standard than friends, simply because there is a commitment involved when you are in a relationship.  There ia an elevation of trust.  On the other hand you and your friend/s don’t owe anything to each other but friendship.  Most people have different friends.  They have work friends, old school buddies, childhood friends, frat brothers etc.  You don’t have to go to bed with them or talk to them regularly, or consider them a life partner.  You are just there to have fun, talk to and be informal.  Which is important.

Falling out with a Friend

So now since we distinguished the difference between boyfriend/girlfriend relationships from platonic friends we can come up with the solution.  If the falling out was over something trivial that escalated to something major, then I would say life is short.  It doesn’t hurt to extend an olive branch.  But do so with care, it might be rejected.  So I would say be distant meaning just clear your chest and be done, and what happens after that doesn’t matter because you made the effort and tried.  Most people can’t be mad forever so if it means you stay friends from a distance then so be it.  Now if the falling out with your friend is over something serious, like loaning money to them and they are not paying you back or they slept with your partner.  Screw them.

Life is to short for trivial disagreements.  If your falling out with your friend fits into something that is trivial and you have the urge to bury the hatchet, and its for you to feel better then why not.  Just don’t go into it expecting a lot and you will be fine.

Ginger Garlic Tea with Lemon, Natural Cures

Ginger Garlic Tea with Lemon, Natural Cures

The ingredients ginger, garlic and lemon

The ingredients ginger, garlic and lemon

Here we go, another wellness soup recipe.  Flu season is among us. After some research it seems ginger and garlic tea is a well known natural cure for cold and flu symptoms.  So since someone got me sick (I won’t say any names) I was advised to try this remedy. So I did.

What I did was crush two cloves of garlic and chop up the same amount of ginger. I squeezed a quarter of a lemon and about a teaspoon of honey. Boiled some water and let it seep/marinate for 10 mins before I started to drink it.

I’m currently on my second cup. So we will see if I feel better tomorrow. Let’s hope for the best. I have a cough and my bones ache. No runny nose so far which is good. This is my second day of sickness. I haven’t taken any meds today. The only thing was a basic night time cold pill last night.

It actually tastes pretty good. It also seems to make me more awake. I do know garlic is a natural antibiotic. Actually both of my grandfathers lived into their mid 90’s staying active until the end. They would say it was the garlic tea they both drank daily that aided with their longevity. Garlic also lowers your blood pressure as well. We will see.

This is recipe of wellness soup, tea style. I’m going to comment tomorrow to give you an update. This ginger garlic tea seemed to help. I also like to bombard my body with vitamin c as well regardless. If you tried it I hope it works for you.