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If you’re interested in Astrology and would like to take a closer look at you, your relationships, career and how to make them more successful, take a look below for a description of available Wellnesssoup astrology charts.

What they’re all about…

Natal Report $22

Imagine a picture of the planets and stars taken at the exact time of your birth. This picture tells a story about your personality traits including strengths, challenges and interests to help you understand who you are and the best ways to get to where you want to go.

Transit Report $22

A personalized horoscope created precisely for you based on the unique time and place of your birth. A transit report is much more accurate than a general horoscope you see in the newspaper or on-line. It doesn’t speak about general influences for everyone that happens to be a particular sign. Instead, it speaks about influences that are completely unique to you! The transit report has helped me through many tuff days and has been very accurate in my experience.

Astrolocality Astrology Report $27

Gives a description on what types of energy you are likely to experience in different areas around the globe. If you are looking to move from your current location, it would be a good idea to check locality strengths and challenges when considering relocation possibilities. For example, if you are looking for love, certain locations have an affinity to support loving relationships and a happy family life. Or perhaps you are wanting to highlight your career opportunities and growth. Many successful business people carefully select precise energy locations for the most desired results in their business transactions. It’s like giving yourself a home court advantage times 100!

AstroLocality reports include:

Love and Romance

Career and Vocation

Friends and Family

Imagination and Inspiration

Excitement and Instability

Education and Communication

Culture and Creativity

Optimism and Opportunity

Responsibility and Focus

Compatibility Report

Explains how compatible you are with someone in a relationship of any kind;  romantic, business or family (based on birthdate and time of birth).

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Astrology Reports

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