Spiritual Retreats Recharging Your Soul at Yosemite

We just returned from our spiritual retreat at Yosemite.  A soul finding place.  A place words cannot describe or express its beauty and grandeur.  This trip was memorable.

It began when I asked Tony if he has been to Yosemite before.   He said “Yes and  what a coincidence, I received a promotional code online to save on lodging at Curry Village. ”  At the same time an old friend that I haven’t seen in over 12 years had plans to travel to Yosemite at the end of May.

The cabins were going fast but we were lucky enough to book the same time as my long time friend, Emily.

As we drove into Yosemite, I grabbed my phone to let my friend Emily know we made it ok and at that moment I quickly realized I had zero reception on my cell phone.   I could not get in touch with my friend and this was part of the reason why I wanted to go to Yosemite in the first place.  After a botched trip in the previous month I was really looking forward to seeing Emily this time.  What a bummer.

Despite my initial disappointment, the scenery was BREATH-TAKING!  I never imagined Yosemite would be so beautiful.  I have lived in Hawaii, which is also very beautiful, but Yosemite was, and is beautiful in a whole different way.  This trip came at the perfect time for me.  I needed to get away from the city and recharge my spirit.  I was overdue for a wellness retreat.  Being right in the middle of nature in Yosemite’s scenic vistas , was just the mind-body connection I needed. The flowing streams, green pine trees, mountains, valleys, and water falls were like a spiritual wellness soup for my soul.

We hiked up to Vernal Falls Bridge which wasn’t exactly an easy hike.  It was a green and sunny hike encompassed by the granite rims of the valley and mini waterfalls.  Once we reached the bridge, the scenery was stunning.  Rushing white water was flowing over the large rocks and under our feet at the bridge.   In the distance, we saw an amazing large water fall that poured from the top of the enormous cliffs and into the river.

To prepare for the hike we packed  fruit, trail mix, chicken salad sandwiches, and water.  I spotted a huge flat, slanted, grey  rock where we sat and had a picnic near  the roaring water. During the picnic we were visited by two beautiful blue iridescent butterflies!  They made our “picnic with nature” even more enjoyable.

After our hike down the mountain we visited the Indian museum with authentic teepees and a sweat house that was used for religious ceremonies and cleansing.  There was even an Indian woman weaving handmade baskets and purses.

The next part of our wellness retreat was a trip to Mariposa Grove.  The Sequoia trees were so enormous that holes were cut in the center so big, that  groups of people can walk right through the center of the trees.  Many years ago, people drove cars through the center of these monstrous trees.  These trees were quite the sight to see! It was just another reminder of the mysteries and beauty of nature.

The cost for lodging and car rental was less than $200.00. The memories…PRICELESS…

5 Tips for a Cost Affective Trip to Yosemite, CA

1.  Find a promotional code online for curry village canvas tents.

2.  Pack simple foods for breakfast and lunch so you only have to pay for dinner.

3.  Check Big 5 for discounts on sleeping bags.  (We got ours for $15.00 each).

4.  Bring a lock for your food locker. You can’t leave any food in your car or bring it in your tent.

5.  Bring your bike so you don’t have to pay for a rental.

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    1. Thanks Rob, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Check back often for more pics and stories. The next one is going to be good too!

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