Coronado Beach Retreat

We loved our Coronado Island Beach Retreat.

One thing about Aleesha and I is that we are both very spontaneous. Coronado beach was our next destination for a retreat.  We both come up with ideas and just go with them, especially when it comes to weekend getaways. We like weekend retreats because one; they are very cost effective, and two; it breaks up the monotony of our daily schedules. We get a chance to enjoy each other and enjoy and appreciate the new environments and sceneries. Local travel, we have found, is one of the best ways to unwind from day to day life and a way to uplift our spirits.

This time we had an opportunity to stay gratis at a condo belonging to one of Aleesha’s family friends in Vista, CA, not too far from San Diego, CA. Her family friend travels and shares her place when she isn’t there. We took advantage of this and on Aleesha’s suggestion to me of this special accommodation; we were off on another road trip.

As I segway for a bit Aleesha and I are into efficiency. We don’t like to over indulge and splurge when we don’t have too. We like to live within our means and enjoy the best things out of life. To me that is each other, nature, food, spiritual wellness, friends and family. One thing I have learned is that everything in this world can be replaced except for two things, those are time and people. It also goes along with the saying all work and no play…balance.

So back to the story, with free accommodations all we had to worry about were gas and food on this overnighter. So with that in mind Sunday morning we packed one backpack with both our swimsuits, a change of clothes and towels and we were off on the road. Our destination was Vista, California.

As we drove down the 5 freeway I couldn’t help but to take in the sights. From the blue Pacific Ocean, the puffy white clouds in the sky to the green mountains, nature’s beauty was around us. There was very little traffic, and I kind of drive a little bit faster than the speed limit; so, we made it to our lodging in no time.

We arrived around noon and it was pretty warm out. Aleesha and I unpacked our stuff, and got situated. We then looked at each other in the eyes, paused for a second and said “pool time.” We put on our swimsuits and sandals and walked a short distance over to the pool. No one was in the pool so we had it all to ourselves.

We frolicked in the pool for a couple of hours in between stopping off in the Jacuzzi. After a couple of hours of fun in the sun and in the water we decided to go back and have a few cocktails and relax in the condo. So we did. We had plans of possibly going to San Diego’s Gas Lamp District, but those plans soon gave way to exhaustion. Being out in the sun and having a few drinks relaxed us a little too well and all we did for that night was sleep. How exciting.

So after a goodnights rest we decided on hitting a beach. After quick research we both decided Coronado Beach would be the best bet. It was noted to be one of the best beaches in the United States and in the world. So we were like let’s pack a picnic and check it out.

We followed the Google Maps application on my phone and arrived there in no time. We had to look for parking which took some time but as I look back it wasn’t that bad. Once we parked we immediately started walking towards the beach. On our way we met some very nice locals who gave us some inside pointers on which section of the beach to go, to avoid the 4th of July crowd and to have a good time. They recommended we head to the Coronado Beach Resort and setup behind the resort on the beach near the rock formations. They were correct it was the least populated area. We arrived at that spot, unraveled our towels, laid them down on the sand, laid ourselves down on the towels and baked in the sun.

It wasn’t long that we began to overheat a little and needed to take a dip in the ocean. As we walked we noticed on the sand there were golden flakes shimmering in the sun. We walked into the water and noticed the same golden flakes glittering and flowing amongst the waters current. It was a beautiful sight. The water was cool on our bodies and refreshing.

We people watched for a bit and ate our picnic. We spent a few hours on the beach then decided to have a Pina Colada at the Resort and head back to the condo to rest a bit.

This mini retreat was a great revival for the spirit. We got a chance to enjoy a new place, new people, just a new environment with fresh energy. We absorbed and took in all the good vibes. I would recommend Coronado Island and San Diego to anyone for a Wellness Weekend Retreat. A perfect Coronado beach retreat.

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