A Relationship Waiting to Happen

Date # 2


On our second date Tony and I went to Kincaid’s on the Pier in Redondo Beach. We had a sampler platter with Kobe beef chunks, sushi, and prawns in chile sauce.  The prawns were amazing! We still go there just for the prawns in chile sauce.  We tried a couple of new cocktails.  The Dark and Stormy and the Blueberry Crush; the Blueberry Crush was my favorite.  The conversation was great. We laughed a lot and he seemed like a fun person to hang out with; less serious than how I perceived him on the first date.  Tony came across witty and engaged.  He asked thoughtful questions and seemed very interested in what I had to say.  I was equally interested in what he had to say.  I enjoyed myself.  I still wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship, but oh, boy!  I was in for a confusing surprise at the end of our next date!

Tony:  Our second date was fun.  We both let our hair down so to speak.  I think, in the beginning of the date, what got us to open up, was experiencing those delicious prawns together at Kincaid’s. That shared experience kind of set the tone of how the date was going to  be – “magnifique.”  As the prawns tantalized my taste buds so did Aleesha’s personality. It was just attractive.  I discovered she was just as outgoing as I and we had many laughs.  Her eyes would light up with every smile and her fingers were painted an alluring red.  It was wonderful to see her in a different atmosphere other than work and to be surprised in a good way.  I was excited. I really was looking forward to the 3rd date. Even though I was not looking for one, I could tell this could be a relationship waiting to happen.

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