Getaway Danish Retreat – Solvang, CA

We just came back from another impromptu couples retreat.  A getaway Danish retreat at Solvang, CA.  This time it included a scenic drive through the coast and mountains, wine tasting, eating good food and having a really good time.

Our destination this time was Solvang, California a cute little Danish community not too far from Santa Barbara in Santa Ynez Valley.  It was a perfect relationship retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of the city getting some new energy from this different location.

The drive was beautiful up the coast. The day was bright and clear where you can see miles all around.  The sun reflected off the ocean as we passed different sights of beach goers and sail boats out in the sea.  As we traveled closer we headed into the Santa Ynez Mountains and they were a lush green and grand.

Once we arrived, we checked into our accommodations, unloaded our overnight bags and hit the town.   It’s perfect because everything is in walking distance.   We went to a couple of wine tastings places and tried some very good wine and some that I guess require a more developed palette so to speak.  But it did the trick and we were flowing.

Later that day we ate dinner at one of the local cafés and tried the Aebleskivers which are like pancake balls topped with powdered sugar and jam.  They were really tasty and had just the right sweetness.  It reminded me of beignets a little.

We walked around town and shopped at the local businesses. We purchased some pretty unique souvenirs that we will always remember.  Most of the locals are friendly with only one exception.

All in all we had a very good time and I would recommend Solvang , CA to anyone. Click here for more info on Retreats.

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