Good Student and Professional Discount

Many auto insurance carriers offer Good Student Discounts and Professional Discounts. The discounts, if you qualify, can mean the difference of a couple hundred dollars a year.  Insurance companies wanting to  get the good driver, a lower risk driver, offer these enticing discounts.

A Good Student Discount applies if there is a fulltime student on a policy who carries at least a 3.0 grade point average.  They then can qualify for the discount.

The Professional Discount for many auto insurance carriers applies to specific professions.  They are usually teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientist or if you are part of a professional group you may qualify too. You can ask your agent/broker for more details. 

The reasoning behind these discounts are statistics.  People who are good students and are of those deemed professions, tend to have better driving records and fewer accidents, therefore are less risky for the insurance company.  They use this to justify the discount.

Ask your agent or broker and see if you qualify.

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