Healthy Thinking, The Power of The Mind

Healthy thinking (attitude) and the importance of one’s state-of-mind, perception and suggestion and how it affects our own health, well-being and reality  is important.  This weekend Aleesha and I just relaxed and watched a few movies.  After watching the movie Source Code, a really good movie and thought inspiring, it made me think about one’s mind over matter.  It actually reminded me a bit of the pseudo-documentary What the Bleep!?   Down the Rabbit Hole.  Both of these movies deal with Quantum Physics at some level and they both deal with the power of the mind, the power of suggestion and perception, and the effects it has on perceived reality.  But beyond the radical nature of Quantum Physics. It has been proven at the basic level that our own state of mind influences our health.  Just the fact of thinking positive can help one stay healthier, lower stress and stay fit.

For background, Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics is a study of matter and energy at the sub atomic level.  What they have found is the duality of matter and energy behaving both as particles and waves.  Basically in a nut shell they have discovered that particles can behave differently while being observed and differently when not being observed.  So it can imply that the mere fact that someone observes these particles can influence its behavior.

In the Movie what the Bleep, a fiction story combined with interviews of scientist; there was a study by a scientist documenting water molecules.  The scientist measured the difference if any between regular water and the effects of water molecules that have been meditated on similar to holy water.  He photographed the water at the molecular level and he noticed a difference.  The scientist claimed the change was apparent and showed pictures that did look different.  I would say see the documentary for yourself and make your own decision. The film goes on explaining we are made of mostly water and that our own state of mind can influence our own well-being at the molecular level because of it.  Thus if taken a step further it can influence our health just by our own thoughts.

Source Code is a movie where a secret branch of the government has discovered how to use the memory of a recently deceased individual before their brain cells and brain activity all die, and use those memories to create a type of virtual world to travel back into and see what happened through that  deceased persons perspective.  The movie is really good and throws in some turns and twists and levels of Quantum Mechanics and brain computer interfaces.

What is surprising is that brain computer interfaces exist today.  Scientists have implanted a type of microchip in a chimpanzee’s brain and that chip recognizes brain commands, giving the chimpanzee the ability to manipulate and use the computer only with thoughts.  This is pretty gnarly.  The power of thought.

We all know there are less complicated proofs of changing ones state of mind as a stress reliever, simply petting dogs is known to lower stress and improve one’s health and watching fish swim in an aquarium is another.   We have to realize how much influence our own disposition and thoughts can affect our health.   We must try to keep positive thoughts to positively influence our health.  Science is able to measure this at the basic level and now seems to be able to measure this at the molecular level.  We all can use all the information we can to live healthier lives.  If that means more thinking positive then that is what we should all try to do.   Utilize the power of the mind.

You can search Quantum Physics with any search engine.  Also below are links to the two movies in question.  I would recommend them as a must watch.

Here is What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole

Here is Source Code

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