Walking Hills to Stay Healthy Using Your Mind

Tony and I just got back  from a tough Wednesday Wellness Walk through the neighborhood that included a lot of incline up some pretty steep hills.  I’m still cooling down from the climb but the more I exercise, the more motivated I become. It really is mind over matter. I never would of thought I could run up that monster of a hill! It’s true what they say, strong mind-strong body.

One of the reasons I stay motivated is because I have someone who motivates me to exercise when I need it and I do the same in return. Sometimes the best thing we have to stay motivated is each other. Invite a friend, a group of friends or family to join you in your own Wednesday Wellness Walk. Having someone to encourage or being encouraged might be just the push you need to get  out doors and promote your health physically and socially. This is a great time for nurturing your relationships and yourselves.  It also is a good way to relieve stress together.

If you would like to share what activity (i.e.walking) you like; leave a comment.  We would be happy to read what others do.

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