Drinks and Dating

This dating tip is mainly for single guys. I now have a lovely girlfriend that I love so I don’t pratice this anymore.  This is what worked for me and maybe can work for you.  Never buy a woman who you meet at a bar, lounge or club a cocktail.  There are exceptions but I will talk about that a little later.    Who wants to be the guy who spends lots of money, who gets bottle service or buys drinks and still gets no action after the cocktail is done.  This strategy I’m going to share is a good one and most times what happens is the women ends up buying you drinks.  So here is the strategy that I used.

I would always arrive to a bar, lounge or club after 11:30pm, always.  You might ask why.  The simple reason is everyone has had something to drink already and they are probably starting to feel really friendly.  I would never start a conversation with a women who is sitting or standing at the bar who doesn’t have a drink already.  I try to stick to not asking for numbers and showing off my personality until after 12:30pm .    Why you may ask.  Most people are buzzed by this time and two there is a sense of urgency because it is later in the night.  We might never see each other again if we don’t exchange phone numbers. One of us could be leaving for the night.  I would use the time between 11:30 and 12:30 to take in the vibes.

Did I mention I hardly ever pay to get into clubs (another story).   But the reason I did this strategy is because we are in a recession and I can’t afford to be spending over $100.00 a night splitting bottle service or buying drinks for girls I might like and might not get their number.  I found out since I’m friendly, have a charming disposition and I really don’t try to pick up on them.  I do show interest and they end up buying me drinks and I get the number.  How about that?   I had a closing ratio of about 40%.  So out of every 10 girls I talk to 4 of them will give me their number. That was ok for me.

There are two times its ok to buy a woman a drink.  That is if you have talked to her for over 20 minutes (or kiss) and the 2nd if she has bought you a drink already.  

If you feel you are spending too much money going out to bars, lounges or clubs then this strategy might be good for you.  It has worked for me and my friends and it could work for you.  There are more intervening variables though like your fashion, personality, and charisma.  I am  strategy type of guy.  Goes hand and hand with the 3 date rule.

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