Walks are Worth It


Instead of driving 7 blocks to the market, Aleesha and I decided to walk it.  Since she lives a block and a half from the beach it is usually a pleasant walk.  I actually injured my shoulder so I haven’t been able to train BJJ and I desperately needed to get my blood flowing.  This walk was what the doctor order (figuratively speaking).

Just being outdoors does something to you.  Appreciating the natural and suburban enviroment meshed together really makes a person feel good.  Smelling the ocean as you walk pass unique architecture is good.    The best part was I didn’t pay any attention to the subtle pain in my shoulder.  I was too busy breathing the fresh air and listening to the ocean waves crash into the beach on our way to the market.

We made it to the market and picked up some tortilla chips and salsa for the nachos we planned on making for dinner.  Just in time too because the sun was setting on the beach.  We brought our camera with us and it turned out to be a treat.  We took some pictures of the sun setting on our way back and posted them. 

This walk was worth it by far and helped me feel better.


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