One of the Best Dating Tips for Men

Wellness encompasses everything from relationships to work.  And our wellbeing means a lot to our overall health.  With that, there is a saying I want to point out, why does the bird sing?  It is simple almost all the time it is to find a mate.   Im going to give simple advice for men in order to get a mate.  This is dating tips for men.

In other post I talked about the 3rd date rule, buying drinks at bars and clubs and now I will talk about your nest.  When I mean nest I mean your home and how to get a mate.  (Score)

First thing is you have to keep your apartment, house or whatever clean.  I mean immaculate.  It leaves a good impression on women when they come to your dwelling.  You should have some magazines like GQ, some sports magazines, and whatever hobby you like.  Those are easy conversation pieces.

You have to have a selection of alcohol including wine and beer.  Sometimes women only drink a certain thing so always have a light liquor like vodka and a dark liquor like whisky.  Always have white wine and red wine on deck.  As far as beer, Coronas are good.  With this you pretty much have everybody covered.  So now you are prepared.

Okay so here is the scenario where all this pays off.  You met a girl or girls the weekend before.  You guys exchanged numbers and she agrees to go out.  (Side note I prefer communicating by text because it leaves a sense of wanting and to get to know you feeling.  If you have to talk on the phone always have a sense of urgency and you limit your conversations to less than 5 minutes.)  Never go to the movies on the first date.  It is hard to get to know someone when you guys just watch a movie for 2 hours.  I would recommend bar hopping as a good first date.  You might ask why bar hopping.  Simple it is fun for both parties. So what that means is you have to know some good spots in close proximity so do your homework.   If she doesn’t drink then this isn’t going to work.

So you both agreed on bar hopping preferably not on a Friday or Saturday night.  You don’t want to go to a overly packed spot where it is uncomfortable.  Insist you have some great spots in mind and you guys can meet at your house and carpool together.  When all is agreed and she comes over which is after 9pm (she already should have ate dinner) you give her instructions to park and come to your front door.  You invite her in while you are having a drink already and you offer her one.   She has a chance to be impressed by your nest, its cleanliness and to feel comfortable.  You offer and give her what she wants.  After you give her the drink you just go and have a seat on your couch, she will follow, and finish your beverages before leaving.  You start the conversation highlighting the cool spots you are going to go to and go from there.   Conversation isn’t hard.  3 topics to talk about if you are stuck.  Her favorite drink and yours, Invite her to check out your magazines and ask her which she likes to read herself, and traveling etc.

You will be surprised just getting this far how you might not even make it to the bar.  (If you catch my drift.)  If you go bar hopping, great.  Assuming everything went well, when you get back to your place just get out and walk to your place, without an invite or anything.  9 times out of 10 she will follow you back in.  There you go.. ..Never expect anything on the first date.   Either way is great because you go by the three date rule and she feels comfortable with you.

Some pointers:  Never be thirsty. (meaning too aggressive)  Never expect anything on the first date.  Always be nice and charming.  Try to avoid contact until she initiates it.  Overtime you will pick up body signals but those are another post.

From work to play wellness soup is all that.  This is Dating Tips for Men.



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