Our 3rd Date

Our 3rd date was a date that Aleesha and I will never forget.  To be honest I did have some expectation to establish with Aleesha that I was romantically interested.  I am a believer in the 3rd date rule.  Our first two dates were fun and each added from the previous.   The second date did end with a kiss on the cheek but that doens’t nessesarly mean there was romance.  I wanted to end our third date with a clear understanding between us if we were going to be romantic or not.  I planned on kissing Aleesha.  I liked her a lot, her kindness, wit and good looks.  She is beautiful.

We decided to have brunch on Sunday at El Torito in Redondo Beach.  The food was ok but what was better was the bottomless champagne and mimosas.  Since this was our 3rd date we were a little more comfortable with each other.  Our conversation flowed followed by a lot of laughing.

Well the brunch was over at 3:00pm I think and we both wanted to still hang out.  Aleesha knew of a few spots with nice views of the ocean.  So we decided we ‘d walk to a nearby restaurant that had a nice bar with a nice patio next to the water, perfect for sunsets.

So we walked to Samba and I believe it was happy hour.  We sat out on the patio that had a couch/lounge set-up. It was a nice sunny day with a hint of a sea breeze, perfect for lounging.  Aleesha and I began talking and it turns out that she trained brazilian jui jitsu before.  I was so surprised.  I didn’t believe her so I exclaimed “If we weren’t on a patio in a restaurant you would have to show me what you know.”  That I guess became somewhat of a challenge.  She worked a couple of moves on me despite us being outside on the patio. This was a complete ice breaker for personal space boundaries. To my surprise she actually knew what she was doing which made me feel all tingly inside. I knew this was going to be a good night.

So after our little romp on the patio with some cocktails in between we were having a ball.   The sun began to set and so I decided to take a quick  bathroom break.  While I was in there I decided I was going to come out and kiss Aleesha.  A nice passionate kiss.

I walked out of the bathroom with a confidence about me and out into the patio.  I went straight to Aleesha she was standing because she had to take a bathroom break too, but before she said she will be right back, I grabbed her and held  for a second  and we kissed.  It was a nice sweet kiss. And the rest is history.

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