Grapefruit Diet Trial – We tried it

We are going to try the grapefruit diet.  Tony and I were talking and he was telling me about a grapefruit diet he did 10 years ago where he lost 25lbs in 2 months.  He says till this day he hasn’t put more the 1/3 of it back on.  This is with and without exercise by the way.  He said his parents did it as well and they both lost pounds in the teens.  Interesting.

Diets are controversal these days so I can’t really say if it is healthy or not.  This diet doesn’t seem to hard.  It seems to be similar to the caveman diet just adding grapefruit to your meals, not including the breakfast.  My goal is to lose some vanity pounds, so I said what the heck I’m going to try this grapefruit diet.  I will report my progress to you in a week or so.

Tony is doing it with me as well by the way.

Here is a link to the Grapefruit Diet that we are trying.

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