Grapefruit Diet Update from A Female Experience

This is day 9 of the grapefruit diet for me. I have lost 6 lbs. I didn’t lose weight as quickly as Tony but never-the-less  I am able to fit into so many of my old clothes!  The pros of the diet are the diet definately works and you can eat as much as you want including fried foods.  The cons for me are there are no sugars allowed and that would be fine except, I can’t eat fruit and I love fruit.  (I like wine also and that’s out too).

The diet has taght me about discipline and preperation when it comes sticking to a nutrition goal.  A big suggestion I would have for sticking to this diet is to pack your own lunch and or dinner if you won’t be home when it’s time to eat.  You will probably be starving when it is time to eat because your metabolism will start to speed up.  If you don’t have the right foods with you, you might be very tempted to eat things that you should not be eating!

The other good thing is that after 12 days you can eat anything you want! I am really looking forward to day 12!


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