How I Became a Believer in the 3rd Date Rule

The 3rd date rule.  When it comes to dating,  I never really took the third date rule seriously.  After Tony and I started dating and he pointed out that it’s important for men to implement the third date rule to know where they stand with a woman, it  made me think.

I had a male friend that use to hang out with me at least once a week.  I will call him “J.” J and I hung out for months. During this time he never made a move on me or communicated that he wanted to be more than friends.  After about 4 months J and I were out eating and talking.  He looked really happy that day so I asked him if he was seeing someone who had him smiling so much. J said, “no” and asked if I was seeing someone. I told him “yes.” After that outing “J” never talked to me again.  At first I was confused about why he didn’t  call me or take my calls anymore. Then I realized, he thought we were dating and I thought we were friends.

After this incident, and talking with Tony I am now a believer in the third date rule.

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