Living a Balanced Life

Many people have different interpretations of living a balanced life.  For me it is the balance between work and private life, the personal and professional balance. I call it getting my priorities straight.  Many people try to say that your private life and professional life are separate, should be separate, and are not related. I disagree with that fundamentally.  We all only live one life so fundamentally it is impossible for them to be separate.  If life was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with personal being peanut butter and professional being jelly you wouldn’t have a PB&J without either one.

It is important to seek balance between the two. You need to work in order to eat.  Everyone has to eat. If you want to live a good life then you have to work. It is all related.  But when one takes precedence over the other that is where you can lose balance and fall off.  Your priorities can get out of whack. I believe in hard work and I believe in the rewards associated with hard work.  But you also have to evaluate at what cost.  If I work 60 hours a week, how much time does that leave for me to be with family and friends.  Is my life only work or do I want to have relationships, party, enjoy the things I have worked for and have good health.

I remember I was working a very high paying job.  I was working over 60 hours a week. I was hardly ever home.  I was only able to work out but twice a month at most.  Sure I was taking home between 7 to 10 thousand dollars a month, but at what cost.  The cost was I gained 30 lbs.  I had nice toys but I wasn’t able to use them.  All I did was rest, eat and sleep then go to work. It was a vicious cycle.

I left that job because I didn’t have a life even though the money was good. My life was my work.  My balance was off and my health suffered.  That’s not how I wanted to live.  In fact I wanted to live.  I didn’t want to get high blood pressure and get all these other ailments associated with being overweight.  I had to make a change.  At the same token I can’t indulge in life and not work.  After a while I wouldn’t be able to support myself.

I realized, what is the point of working, when you work so hard, that you can’t even live.  I said never again, I must have work life balance. Once I realized my life is just one life and that the balance between my professional and personal life directly affected my health and wellness that’s when I knew to make sure they are equal. Too much of anything is essentially not good.

Evaluate your life. Keeping balance is the answer in living a balanced life.

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