Examples of How to Talk to Women

This post I’m going to give some specific examples on what to say when you meet women out at bars or clubs.  How to talk to women may not be as hard as you think.  There is always a strategy and if you follow a strategy I will guarantee you will have more confidence and better success.  This is a part of relationship wellness.  How to start one.

We all want a gorgeous girl and we want to know what to say to get the girl.  A lot of men who have problems talking to women at events lack confidence.  The reason why is because you are not confident with yourself.  Remember this. (when I say “you” I mean men) No one knows you.   When you first meet a girl for all they know you might be king midas.  Everything you touch turns to gold.  The trick is for you to recognize that she doesn’t know you so she only knows what I tell her and that confidence exudes out with my body language.  You have to know what your strong point is and use that comfort to exude confidence.  I would say 60% of conversation with a woman and getting her number is confidence not what you say.  You have to realize what works for you.  Second you can not be afraid of rejection.  Some women don’t know you might be the best thing that happened to them.  If they don’t want your golden touch don’t stress it.  There is a rule never be and eager beaver.  Never be thirsty even if you think she is the hottest, most smoking woman on the planet.  Seek a path of lease resistance.  Never talk to a girl at a bar without a drink.  Even if you buy her a drink her friendliness is probably not genuine.  I never buy drinks.  Try to wait until after 11pm too.

3 Ice Breakers.

  1. (you see a girl with a drink in close proximity) Hmmm. That looks good; what are you drinking?  I think I might want to try that myself. (smile and look away in between sentences).
  2. Wow it looks like you are having fun.  I want to be on you level. Whats the secret? (again close proximity, smiling and being friendly)
  3. (For a girl sitting by herself)   See, you are doing it right; being low-key seems to be the ticket at this spot.  It might be too much going on.  What do you think?

Try these out.  Tweek them if you like.  But as you can see.  These are not corny lines.  These are person to person conversations.

If you have specific questions comment me and I will answer as best as I can on how to talk to women.

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