The Key Ingredients to Wellness – Perception and Attitude

A Clear Inspiring Day at the Beach

Beautiful days are awesome.  The ingredients in wellness soup are many but the key ones are perception and attitude.  Life should be lived in the moment and experienced through child-like eyes. Every moment can be as beautiful and meaningful as you allow it to be.  Perception is the key ingredient in living life to the fullest (positive) or the lack there of merely existing (negative).

Aleesha and I took a stroll to the beach.  It was a nice crisp day with the sun shining bright.  I couldn’t help but think of the beauty that is there for anyone to see.  You don’t have to pay a dime to see it.  The key is to appreciate the beauty.

We might have only sat there at the beach  for 15 minutes but in those 15 minutes sitting on the strand we saw many things.  We observed sail boats and speed boats going through the water.  We saw a large flock of gulls floating just a bit beyond where the waves break.  We saw a small pod of dolphins seemingly playing with each other bobbing up and down out of the ocean.

All this made my day and started me off on the right foot.  I felt positive and my glass was half full for the day.  This means a lot because I felt good and feeling means you are alive.  Make sure you feel good.

Attitude and perception are key ingredients in the soup we call wellness.

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