Blah Moments

You ever become frustrated when you can’t remember a simple word or forget where you put something.  Those are the blah moments I hate.  Your brain just goes blah.  I have figured out a way over the past 10 years on how to combat these occurrences when they happen.  For me it’s not taking St. Johns Wart or some other supplement or pill.  It is a simple technique that I learned from public speaking.  With those blah moments as soon as they occur you will be able to get your mind back on track.

The technique to combat blah moments, when it comes to remembering simple words or forgetting where you put things is this.  When you can’t think of a word take a deep breath, relax and pause for up to 3 seconds.  During those 3 seconds visualize, what that word means and remember the last time you said that word, picture yourself and bingo.  The word will come to you 70% of the time.  The other 30% of the time you use one of the alternative words you thought of instead.  Try it out.  A pause in conversation for a bout 3 seconds is the same amount of time as reading this last sentence.  A pause in conversation is not awkward at all as long as it is under 3 seconds.

Now how to remember where you put something and how you can’t find it.  Like keys.  I use to have a lot of those blah moments.  When your mind is on auto pilot and you can’t remember where you put those darn keys.   The first thing is to stop.  Take a deep breath  and relax.  Now you will need to visualize yourself as you came home or whatever.  You are going to be look at your self from outside yourself as if you are a camcorder.  When your mind tries to take away the visual don’t let.  You will be able to go through your last 30 minutes in your head accurately as if you stopped and rewound your life tape and push play back 10 times fast.  It works.  The power of the brain and healthy thinking.

So the next time you have blah moments try these techniques and see how they help you out.  They work for me they could work for you.

Be open and try other techniques you may come across and see.


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