The Importance of Daily Inspirational Quotes – Sayings

Quotes are unique. Quotes and sayings can influence, motivate, inspire and express a persons thought at one particular time. There is an extensive catalog on this site. The benefit of a catalog of quotes like in this blog is that depending on your own special situation and feeling they can be very influential in your attitude. Sometimes when I need some motivation. I turn to quotes to help guide me. Sometimes when I feel sad I find empathy in quotes, in that my feeling and thought is not just unique to me. Others have been where I am today or where I want to go.

Quotes and sayings to me are an important part of wellness. The way we perceive things can and does influence are lives, either for better or for worse. The knowledge that is past down sometimes from an entire life can sometimes be summed up in a few sentences. That’s what make quotes important and unique.

I will invite you to view some of the quotes and sayings here at These are some of our favorites and we will be adding more from time to time so check back on occasion.

Check out our catalog of quotes here. There are some really good ones and I invite you to check them out.



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  1. My Grandmother today she wold be 131 years old and as a little she would tell to honor the praying mantis because they are praying to God for ever see them up close. This morning I came out on my patio sat down and there was a brown praying mantis on the table looking at me. It was like my Grandmother saying good morning on her birthday.

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