Praying Mantis Symbolizes Good Fortune


Praying mantis on the wall


I saw a praying mantis the other day on the side of my garage wall. What does a praying mantis symbolize or what is praying mantis symbolism? I thought to myself this has to be a good sign, a symbol of good fortune I assume. A praying mantis isn’t something you see every day. So I researched it and found that if a praying mantis appears before you, it is a good thing.

It has been said that the African Bushmen worshipped the praying mantis as the oldest symbol of God. It was said to be a manifestation of God here on earth. That is pretty interesting if I say so myself. It is also said that a praying mantis symbolizes meditation and contemplation. So I took a picture of it.

On the natural side, I appreciate the mantis for its patience and cunning when hunting as it lies still waiting for prey to come closer. I don’t appreciate its mating ritual. The female usually kills the male after mating. I have watched many documentaries on the praying mantis and I appreciate the benefit of having one keep insect pests at bay. Praying mantis come in many shapes, color and sizes and knowing the praying mantis symbolism is key.

Here is some information on understanding symbols.  which talks about understanding symbols, patterns and energy. One of the ways I use symbols and timing is through travel. I have two wellness retreats coming up. See here: Authentic Hawaiian Coffee Farm and here Travel by Numbers . For in-depth intuitive wellness interpretations also visit Last but not least, take a look at  Cheers.


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249 thoughts on “Praying Mantis Symbolizes Good Fortune”

  1. The Symbolism of the Praying Mantis is of God. You are right on with this post. I always wonder about a lot of things especially animal symbolisms.

    1. i was looking at a car to buy and wasnt sure if i should buy it or not then just before i was about to look at the engine a medium sized mantis landed on the bonnet and we just looked at each other the owner came over and asked if something was wrong i just snapped a branch and used that to move the mantis on a near by tree i havent seen a mantis in many years i know its a good sign to see them but this confused me and wasnt sure what the message was so i just left

  2. Thank you for this post! I’m experiencing a critical financial crisis, today I saw a praying mantis on my back deck, this is highly unusual, but this symbolism gives me hope that everything will work out fine and that God is watching and that good luck is near. Bless you!

    1. God is watching…. Today, I saw a preying mantis on my doorstep.It carfully climbed the whole door frame. I was praying for some financial relief. The mailman came today with a big check…. God is watching.

      1. This guy (Praying Mantis), last night was on my outdoor coffee table. This morning he got up to my front door screen about waist level. I took him down and put him safely into the garden about 10′ away from front door. This evening he’s back to waist level on my front door screen. I’ll be leaving him there and checking on him like a pet. Blessed.

        1. I love that….lol. I also had a praying mantis on my door all day today….l love the symbolism, it’s right in flow with my life. Love It!

          1. Timing is everything :)
            Lots of mantises on doors. Be aware of who you let in your home and in you life everyone.

            BTW, I love your name, Mahi.


    2. lost my job over 2 weeks ago. went to lunch with a friend when we came outside there was a praying mantis on the trunk of my car

  3. today a baby mantis was on my car as I pulled into work. I too was curious. thanks for your posts. Is a baby one more rare to see?

    1. You are welcome. Praying mantis symbolism…and now baby mantis symbolism. I think it is rare to see a baby praying mantis.

  4. I am sitting on my deck and behind is a preying mantis! I hope it brings good luck because I go in for surgery in the morning and I’m already at wits end with my health and money so I pray he is a good luck omen!

    1. WOW what a sight. I’m sure you seeing the praying mantis did symbolize good fortune to come. I hope everything turns out fine for you.

  5. My husband and I have recently had our marriage put through a horrific time. After one very long and emotional talk we found a HUGE green preying mantice on the inside of our bedroom screen door. I knew it had to mean something so I found myself here on this website. I can’t explain it but I knew it was a sign and some how feel more at peace than ever.

    1. I also am having marital problems. I’ve seen 4 preying mantis in a matter of 2 weeks. Now im believing its a sign from God. Everything will work out for the best.

  6. Tonight, I had a praying mantis fly around me and then went on my front porch and was above my front door. I hope this means something good because we are having
    such financial problems and our home is in foreclosure and I just don’t know what we are going to do! Mary

    1. Seeing a praying mantis is a good omen. Even if it seems bad now the overall outcome will be better. I understand financial issues and those are for the most part temporary. Temporary is relative though for some it could me 6 months others can be 5 years. But just know the symbolism of seeing a praying mantis is a good thing. God sends us signs and signals all the time. I do know things will indeed get better for you.

      1. I had an unhappy marriage life and a difficult situation since the last quarter of 2016 up to the present…I believed that everything happen in our life had a reason….GOD saw everything…. all I can do is to TRUST HIM and walked with HIM …I am away from my own family and hoping someday we will see each other again…. the very moment i was thinking what will be the outcome of all of this bad situation……as a human being i just do what is right …we cant stop someone who intend and enjoy to destroy us…. .but I had this faith that everything will be alright soon….. ….and as i turned my head towards my altar where I had my Holy Bible I saw a green praying mantis at the very top of it..with a motion like praying……i wonder how it came inside my room? because i was out the for whole day and my room is closed with the glass window..but then i have this feeling that it is a good sign or answered prayer….. I immediately google the meaning or interpretation and this is what i read just when i open one of the link…” Allow yourself to be patient. The right moment will come.” it really amaze me this good message ..its been an ages since the last time i saw a praying mantis…and i really believe that what ever my situation for this moment …..I trust GOD is with me…and .the good things will happen in GOD’S time!

  7. Its September 12@9:30 p.m._-A baby praying mantis appeared at my feet out of nowhere and I played some music for it when it would walk in circles,I guess it likes PUMP UP THE VOLUME,LINKIN PARK,TOM SAWYER,etc.What was awesome was when it would almost lay down like a puppy and look up at me and go back in circles and play with me.Lately I’ve had man visits from PRAYING MANTIIS,DRAGON FLIES,CROWS,ORIOLES(not seeing many him Virginia Beach),BUTTERFLIES…..Life is magnetised to HUMAN LIGHT within emenating witbout to the world…The praying Mantis was awesome for like 30 minutes,then flew away…

  8. I was just looking in the mirror a few minutes ago and I could have SWORN I saw a big brown praying mantis on my shoulder/back. Scared outfof my mind (because I’ve never seen one and they aren’t common around here) I shook my shoulders violently and threw off my shirt. Still frightened, I picked up the shirt and shook it out. Nothing. I looked all around. Nothing. I searched everywhere. Nothing. I guess I must have imagined it. But why? I’ve never even thought about a praying mantis before. How random! Anyway, that’s why I came to this site. Thanks for hosting it!

      1. There is a praying mantis on my ceiling I left my window up and I guess it came in last night while I was asleep what does that mean?

        1. Hi Tevin,
          First and foremost, the praying mantis is a spiritual messenger. It’s interesting that it came in while you were sleeping because we work out patterns in our sleep on a subconscious level. On a conscious level, be aware of decisions that you are considering making. And take your time to make the best decision not the quickest or easiest decision. Good is on your side and change is coming.

  9. I was at work outside and I happened to look over and saw a praying mantis on my shoulder! I don’t know where it came from! I stood up and shook it off of my shoulder and then it ran away! What does it mean??

    1. It’s trying to tell you something. What was going on around the time that it appeared? Be still and clear your head. Something needs your attention and a wise decision has to be made. The fact that it ran away seems like you’re not receiving the message. Keep me posted on your discovery and outcome.

      1. Well I’m a nurse at a mental hospital/rehab. The patients have smoke breaks. I went outside and sat down and was just talking to a coworker. I looked over and I saw it on my shoulder! Was it trying to tell me something about my job?

        1. Kerria,
          Is there something going on with your mom? I’m not sure if the message is about work or not but it seems like there’s someone at work that you mean the world too. In any event, it’s a good omen. If you want a more detailed interpretation, e-mail me at with what’s been going on around you in the last three weeks.

  10. My Family & I are currently in the process of trying to move to create a better & more secure future for My Children with a fresh start… The very first day that we went to the Realtor, He showed us one place that we really liked a lot. After careful contemplation, we decided that We’d like to take the place, however, their are still other factors from,authorities that have to be considered. My anxiety has been through the roof these last couple of days as I patiently wait for an answer. All the while, the last 3 days, a Praying Mantis has come to visit us on our living room window screen. It would leave every day & then find it’s way right back to our window. My Family & I are firm believers in God & prayer warriors as well, but seeing these posts just helps put My anxiety at ease & trust that God’s got Me covered. I needed this! Thank You all! May Peace & many blessings be unto You…

    1. Great story! Let us know how you settle in to your new place. I’m glad you found the wellnesssoup site and it helped. Check out the tab: understanding symbols, patterns and energy. You might find helpful info there as well. Best of luck to you!

  11. A Praying Mantis is at my door! I hope it means good luck/and or angels are praying for us. I’ve never seen such a large one, it’s about 6 inches long. My husband had told me this morning, when he was leaving for work, that there was one at the front door. He said to watch out for it. I went outside, didn’t see it until I turned around to go back inside. I think I scared it, because after I took a few pictures, and opened the door to go back inside, It raised it’s hands. I’ll just let him/her be…

  12. I had a bright beautiful visitor today, ive been stressing out alot about different things and been praying all will be well and today I open my slider door and see a bright green praying mantis, I feel so blessed and lucky just seeing one, I haven’t seen one in a very very long time :)

      1. I was outside at work with children and one had got on my shoulder near my neck, do you know what that means ?

  13. Hi. I just had a praying mantis on my window. At first I didn’t realize what it was and then it came to me (that it was a praying mantis). I’ve been going through a very hard time lately…financial challenges, lonely (I’m not married or in a relationship but desire to be), depressed, etc. what do you think this means?

    1. Hi,
      Change is coming for you! You have to make a shift in your thinking, though. Be positive and believe what you want is coming towards you! I also sent you a personal email.

      1. I saw one last night outside next to my bed room window on the wall,what does it mean, cause i panicked and killed it , someone has been telling me to be carefull at work

    2. I’m going thru the same thing as you were going thru. Had the worse day of my life (emotionally) yesterday and found a baby mantis on my car this morning. I’m hoping for better days ahead for me… How did things turn out for you? Hope it was all positive… please let me know if you can:)

      1. Hi Jules! You didn’t get a reply from Gina, but no news is good news, right? :) Are things going better for you?

        1. A couple weeks after your comment I saw a praying mantis that landed on my front windshield right after I parked my car. I took a picture of it and the light from my camera phone made it look like it was glowing in the picture. Was pretty cool.

  14. Yesterday (Saturday) as well as last Saturday I saved two praying mantis while helping my parents clean our yards. Basically I have found them on branches that we were ready to cut and throw away and I was able to safely remove them and set them onto other plants. I recently graduated from my university and going through many interviews within my field, anxiously hoping to get the perfect job that Ive been dreaming of. Could these little critters be a sign of getting a call back from my desired job?

    1. Hello,
      Yes, change is coming. Just when you think it’s time to move on to the next few interviews, you will receive good news regarding an opportunity. You may also receive good news a few Saturdays from now that may or may not be work related (Saturday seems to be a significant day for you). If you are interested in knowing what to expect in the days to come, check out this link and look at the transit report section. Or feel free to call me at 424-200-3650 with any questions.

  15. Hello. I saw a praying mantis on the back of my car window yesterday. Don’t know if it was on there from home or if it hopped on in my parking lot after a 10 minute drive Hadn’t see one in years and thought it was usual. Didn’t think about it again until this morning when I saw one on my driver’s side mirrow in the same parking lot. Don’t know if it was the same one or when he got on. Could this be some kind of sign? I have been desperately trying for a new job and hoping to patch things up with my ex gf.

    1. Hi,
      Yes, it’s a sign of some kind! Your ex gf may come across a work opportunity for you. Tell her to keep her ears open and to keep you in mind. If she hears of something it can help patch things up with the two of you. Money problems always cause a strain on relationships. Remind her that you know money problems cause a strain but, you think she might hear about something (and this could change things for the two of you). Then stop calling her so much. To change your energy, try this for 30 days: every morning when you wake up, tell yourself everything you are thankful and grateful for. If you do this you will change your vibration and invite more opportunities in your life. If you’re interested in more information or advice please feel free to email me or give me a call. Thanks and Good luck!

  16. My husband and I have had a very rough year. We lost our twin boys born prematurely at 26 weeks in June and recently had to put down our dog due to cancer. My friend was just visiting and we were talking about healing and getting pregnant again. As she left, I pointed to the new fall wreath on my door and a huge green preying mantis was sitting on the bow. It startled me but my friend tells me they are good luck. What could this mean??

    1. Hi Kristin,

      I’m sorry that you are going through such tough times. It sounds like your challenging times are going to soon become new beginnings. Every year we go through a different cycle energetically. If you’re interested, send me your birth month and day; I don’t need the year. I can tell you what year cycle you are currently in (in Numerology) and what events you can potentially expect. Typically, every ten years we go through similar life events. Was there something very challenging going on in your life ten years ago?


      1. Would like to know more about this after losing my brother and now seeing praying mantis.. Are you still offering insight? As of the 10 years ago thing… I was pregnant at 17 then.

  17. noticed mantis hanging out on side of cement front stairs last night as I was cutting back mums. ( I’d seen one there a few months ago as well.) Still there today. it’s snowing (sw of Boston). Where the mantis is seems to be protected from precipitation. I’m enjoying its presence.

  18. A praying mantis seemed to drop right on my bed last night right when I layed down I thought it was weird since I haven’t seen one in a couple years and never in my bed. I just took him or her outside and said later lil mantis hope it means good fortune or something watching over me could use it haven’t had any good fortune for almost a decade.

    1. That’s great! Think of all the things you are grateful for and that will draw even more to be thankful for. It works!

  19. Hi Aleesha! It is 9:04 and we have had a praying mantis on the side of our front door since about 5:30 today. When we came home at 5:30 he turned and looked at us. When we left and came back home it looked like he was praying and did not acknowledge us. What does this mean.

    1. Hi Teressa!
      Well, looking at the numerology of the times you left-suggests a period of change and transformation/release from the past. The focus is on material things. Namely, money and possessions because it adds to your sense of security. Also, getting organized and budgeting is important. Take care of your money and it will take care of you. Two of the three numbers represent finances. However, one involves Karma; cause and affect is completed. What you put out in the world (good or bad) will now come back to you. Both numbers represent work, structure and balance on different levels. Since you saw the praying mantis together with these numbers, it
      seems like a very positive omen in business and finance is coming. Make sense?
      One last thing, since your numbers are physical numbers, your sexual relationships may also be rewarding at this time. But that’s normally if your “year cycle” is a 4, and I don’t know what year cycle you’re in. Just the times you gave me for seeing the mantis. Feel free to contact me for a reading or chart any time! Best of luck to you and thanks for visiting Wellness Soup!

        1. Hi Carissa. Sorry for delay. I just got back from doing Travel by Numbers classes in Europe. I am sorry for your loss. If you would like to speak with me further about your brother, I am still offering insight by appointment for clients. If you would like to schedule with me, please message me @


  20. I’ve always seen praying mantis as a kid but as an adult no so much. I saw a bug on my window shade since I keep my window cracked at night time. I didn’t know what it was until after I killed it! Did my research on how the baby ones looked. Then realized it was indeed a baby praying mantis. Now I feel awful. I’ve been having some up and downs lately. Just makes me feel worse that I could kill such a non harmful insect. I hope I don’t get bad luck from it :(

  21. I recently lost my husband unexpectedly.. Of course, I am having a extremely hard time coping. I think this is the fourth day in a row that I’ve seen a praying mantis on my front door. This is a rare sight for me. After reading your post, I am hopeful that things will get better for me. God bless you!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I am so sorry for your loss. Things will get better. I truly believe the praying mantis is a messenger from God. Let me know if there is anything I may be able to help you with. Are you from California?

  22. Hello I found a Praying Mantis in the bush in front of my house. I been going through a lot and stressing with depression and losing weight. What does this mean for me?

        1. I really feel like you need to set boundaries with people and situations and this will help you a great deal. Do things in your own time and in God’s time and in your own way. Push everyone else’s expectations out and focus only on the things you have to get done in one day. The saying, “God won’t put more on you than you can handle,” means he won’t put more on you in one day. Try not to be too consumed with yesterday or tomorrow, only with what’s necessary for today. Make sense?

          Good luck, things will change. Like I said to Maria, wake up every morning and think of at least three things you’re thankful for. It helps change the energy around you but stay consistent with it. Do it with your kids too if you can.

          Hope this helps. Also, if you’re interested in learning about understanding life cycles and how to work in harmony with them, I wrote a little bit about it in this retreat post at this link: Let me know if any of this helps. Thanx.


  23. Hi Aleesha, I came across your site while looking if praying mantis symbolizes something, I’m glad I came across your site…for the past 3 or 4 days a praying mantis has been standing in our front outside wall near the front door.. First there was one then two and again one…we have had a rough times lately, specially my husband, stress, anxiety, problems, accidents, he has suffered so much since he was little. Couple of years back number 11 was “following” us…we used to see it everywhere and I know that was god looking after us…then we stopped seeing that number. Now thanks to your site I know that god is back, I mean is a message seeing the praying mantis because a couple of days back I was praying and crying because of what my husband is going thru and I asked god for a sign.

    1. Hi Maria,
      So glad you got a sign…and you got God’s messenger himself! :) You must be going through a lot. I’m glad you found the site. What city and state are you writing from?

      Also, you mentioned the number 11 “following” you a couple of years ago. Let me give you an idea of the number/symbol of 11’s vibration…the symbol 11 represents sudden unexpected events that require decisive action on your part. You may have had to make important decisions over night or on the spot. 11 is like a testing period that forces you to make decisions to bring about balance in your life. It’s also about bringing the correct combination of attitudes within yourself that ensure the results you want in the future. It may also be a time when you want to educate yourself in some way. There may be situations involving court, legal issues, settlements, agreements, wills, etc., you’re likely to have flashes of insight and intuition to help you solve problems and bring about balance . Sudden recognition for something new or old is a possibility. The events of the symbol 11 are quick, exciting, and unexpected.

      Thanks for visiting the site and if you would like to learn more about symbols, signs, and numbers please see this link
      Have a beautiful day. Remember one way to change energy is to think of all the things you have to be thankful for even when it’s really hard. Think of 3 things first thing in the morning!

      1. Think of your three things individually then do it with your husband as well, first thing in the morning!! Let me know how it goes.

        1. Thank you for replying Aleesha, we live in Ontario, California. And, yes since the time #11 was around us, there was many decisions that we made, that have changed what we had hoped/planned for our future, we had suffered and struggled a lot, of course we also had our happy times. Sometime we wonder when is his “bad luck” is going to stop, he thinks he was curse or just born unlucky, I keep telling him we just need to think positive and pray even when things seem really bad. I will definitely look at the link, I will love to learn more and put it to practice. I need to understand life’s cycles, energy, harmony, numbers. Thank you so much.

          1. Okay – thank you for letting me know it makes sense to you. Also, look at the home page It talks about patterns and energy as well but it sounds like you are ready to learn more than what I have posted and start using it in your life. I’m planning on doing a workshop in September, in Redondo Beach, CA. I will email you the info once I set the date. Or maybe we can Skype one-on-one, or I can create a video. We can figure something out! Have a great weekend and ttys. :)

        2. I saw a praying mantis on my side mirror Hung on whole way to store and back looking at me I picked up when I stopped to put in safe area it was gone

  24. May 26,2015 we lost my 5yr old granddaughter, Amanda was my heart….losing her I lost a part of me, having my grandson has kept me going. A couple weeks ago we moved into another house down sizing….. house wasn’t done til we moved….. some financial problems too. I was just in our basement and saw a praying mantis. I haven’t seen one in years.

    1. Hi Karen,
      That’s great that you saw a praying mantis!
      I’m so sorry for your loss. Have there been any car accidents around you?

      1. I don’t know of any car accidents… someone I work with almost had one but we haven’t had any. I’ve been working towards getting my businesse started making clothes for babies with G-Tubes, I’m hoping to get it going…. my granddaughter was disabled and had a G-Tube.

  25. Glad there was almost an accident, and NOT an accident.
    That’s great about your business! What a beautiful way to honor your granddaughter. When you are ready to share your clothes with the world, let me know and you can post a blog on my site.

  26. Hello everyone I saw a huge praying mantis on the roof of my dad’s car. We were packing for my long trip to college! It was on the roof the whole time we were packing. It also flew on my sister lol. I hope this means well. We are also strong believers in God! What does this mantis mean?

    1. God is with you on your new journey. Stay on your path, and good luck, oh yeah, you already have it (The good luck)!
      Where are you going off to school?

        1. You’re so welcome. Virginia is pretty and so close to D. C. I love that you can hop on the train/subway and go everywhere. Well enjoy and take care of yourself. Always feel free to reach out for advice or kind words. keep me/us posted on how college life treats you!
          All the best,

  27. I saw a praying mantis today for the 1st time in 20 years. I was assigned to work at a location I rarely go to. When I get out of my car it flies all around me in circles & finally flies away. 18 hours later I’m finally off work and out of a hundred cars in the lot it is sitting on my rooftop. Then it takes off but flies around me in circles again before departing in the same direction as before. I did not know what it symbolized until now. Earlier this evening I was thinking that I work so many hours I don’t get to enjoy solitude or poetry or praying anymore. Thanks for the info. I will take this sign from God to get back into the praying life that I used to enjoy so much.

  28. My husband hates praying mantis and kills every one he sees. Just last night one landed on his neck and he stomped it. I always believed they were a sign from God and I don’t understand why he does this…it really upsets me. Any insights ?

  29. I was getting in my car Sunday night and notice a praying mantis on top of the car. I been going through some financial difficulties and some trouble on my job. I think good things is coming my way and God is watching and getting ready to bless me.

    1. Hi Monica,
      Sorry for delay in getting back to you. When I am on a retreat I am off line.
      Change is certainly the end result after seeing a praying mantis. Has anything happened since you last commented? Let us know what happens. Wish you the best of luck!

  30. As I pulled my car in the garage this evening I saw something fly in the window. I thought it was a huge moth. I decided to leave the windows down all night and just go inside. After I opened the windows and was about to get out the car, I saw a big green mantis on the driver side door. I said oh hello praying mantis how are you? It looked over at me and stared. It then tried to fly and it startled me. I went to get my phone to take a picture and it was gone. My car had just been stolen a couple weeks ago, it was recovered after a week. I have been living in fear that it would happen again. Tonight when going to move my car in the garage, I thought it was stolen again. It wasn’t stolen, I had just parked it in a spot in my complex that I don’t usually and forgot. Anyway, I’ve been going thru a lot for a few years and seeing that wonderful creature made me feel better but it left so fast! I wonder what it was trying to tell me. I am in Ontario Ca and would love to go to your event.

    1. Sounds like there is a lot going on around you and that you are often protected without even knowing so. I do hope you can make the event. I believe you will gain a lot from it. It will be informative, comforting and fun. You’re ready! Let me know if you have any questions.

      Sorry for delayed response. I just got back into the country.


  31. I have a praying mantis that has been in the same place for four days. I offer him fly’s on my finger and he takes them. I also seen three others in the same facility. What do you think? I feel that I’m being blessed.
    Scoot in Colorado.

    1. Hi Scoot, in Colorado,
      Wow again! I haven’t heard of a praying mantis being fed. I gotta’ do a retreat in Colorado! Let me know where a good place would be! I’m so glad everyone is sharing their experiences.
      Well, you mentioned 4 days, and the number 4 represents a door way to worldly success. Direct work for direct pay. A time where organization, law and order are important as well as strong and secure foundations in your life. Money and possessions add to your sense of security. Be economical and practical now. Take care of your money and your money will take care of you. For men, fatherhood is possible. Budgets, remodeling, weight loss, and jury duty are also possibilities under a 4 vibration. Don’t put yourself in too much debt and don’t become too sensitive, stubborn OR sensitive. Hope this helps! Keep in touch. :)

        1. I looked up Glenwood Springs and it looks beautiful! Thank you for the suggestion. :) If I do an event here, it would be nice if I could do some local advertising as well as online, but I am not very familiar with Colorado. Do you know of any local establishments or groups that may be interested in holistic retreats or workshops?

          And I think you’re right. Blessings are on the way. Please let us all know when they arrive. I never get to hear comments about what happened after people saw a praying mantis. :)

          Thanks so much,

      1. Aleesha,
        I have been watching the praying mantis since I had seen them. The first one mated and left a few days ago. The second one I watch from my chair on the patio. About five feet from me.
        And the most amazing thing happened. She came out of her vegetation walked on the patio over to my bare foot climed up my leg to my knee as I was sitting in my chair. I put my hand out to her and she climbed on my hand and was looking at me. She then started walking all over me.
        I didn’t know what to do, so I took her over near another praying mantis that looks to be a male.
        I truly am feeling blessed right now.

    2. Hi mines been in my garden for a week they so beautiful a green one and a translucent one or cream I call them mine because I get them every year !!! I just had thyroid surgery I was so sad I feel they came help me !!! Having so much other problems …

  32. I have never come across a praying mantis in my 28 years on earth until today. I was outside watering my plants and one came crawling out of a bush. Me and my sons observed it for awhile and then we went inside. Well about an hour later when my husband came home from work, he had a different praying mantis in an empty bottle he said he found at work! It was bigger and darker than the first. We took the one he found and set it free in the same garden. I just keep having the feeling this was a sign……… Just too much of a coincidence.

    1. Wow! I haven’t heard a story like this with a praying mantis. Sounds like a family omen for sure! Are you trying to make a big transition as a family? Feels like it’s a good omen and a positive one. Where are you writing from? Please keep posted even if you don’t get your revelation until later. I’m very excited for you and your family!! I would love to speak with you further.
      Aleesha XOXO

  33. Ya i just seen one on my wall is scared my bc i have never seen one before right by my front door I’m just going to leave it alone and i hope is a good luck bc i could really use some right know

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      Sorry for delayed response…I normally try to respond within 48 hours but I just recently got back from my retreat to the Dominican Republic. To see pics check out the portfolio pics on home page. That’s great that you saw a praying mantis, I leave them alone too and let them do their thing :).
      One thing I believe for sure, is that the praying mantis represent change. Being that we are in an 8 universal year and that an 8 is a karmic number, I think the change can be for the better or not. What you put out is what you will get back. I wish you good luck and change for the better! Let me know how it goes!

  34. There has been a praying mantis on my car for 2 days. Went to work with me and ran errands on both days. It has been there through a total of about 50 miles, 40 of which were on the highway. Very curious and interesting to me.

  35. Your site has definitely confirmed that its a spiritual sign and a change is coming. This Is the second one I’ve seen this summer. One has appeared on my back door and just now on my back porch…

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Happy Monday! Please share with me your changes as they happen. Like I was telling Scott, I never get to hear comments about the blessings/transitions after people see a praying mantis. :) I would so love to hear your stories!

      1. Can’t believe you saw a second praying mantis!!! Another good thing to see is daddy long legs…Whenever I see them money always follows!

  36. Hi
    Saw a praying mantis on an elevator with my daughter.
    Then went to visit my mom a week later, saw one on my car window.
    Then today, a week and a half later, there. Is one above my porch.
    It has been there for hours now.
    It seems odd , that I’ve seen 3 in less than a month.
    What does this mean?

    1. So awesome! Well from a numerology stand point, 3 is a number of activity manifesting itself. So if you feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern now things can start to move forward. There’s a time to wait and a time for activity. 3 represents activity. It also represents a lucky time period. The luck may seem random because it’s hard to see the cause and effect but it’s from the good things you put out in the world at some point. 3 also represents giving birth to something; could be a child or something artistic. Also expansion and travel. The flip side of the number 3 warns against scattered energy and overindulgence.

      So happy to hear from someone that has amazing things coming up! Plz let me know what beautiful things unfold…
      P.S. Does love to fly mean airplanes or your spirit loves to fly??

      1. hey i have a question a really big prayin mantis some how fell on the top of my head last night 08-31-15 @ 8:45 i freaked out and shook it off & killed it i didn’t kno what it was until my fiance told me it was a prayin mantis😢 i feel really bad that i killed it i had no ideal i was so scared lol but i heard it good luck when you seen one or if one lands on you?? just hope i don’t hAve bad luck after killin it??

        1. Hi Katheryn,
          I don’t think you will have bad luck as it was an accident but, the fact that you killed it could suggest that you’re not recognizing something about a message or blessing that’s in front of you. I still think it’s good luck considering it landed on your head and the fact that it landed on your head again, makes me think that there is something (opportunity, message, key, etc.,) that you don’t want to overlook.

          As far as the numerology is concerned, to me the date represents what’s around you. The date adds up to a 9. 9 represents transitions; out with the old in with new, letting go and letting God. Discarding the useless to make room for the new. It’s also a good time to work with others for a common good and be charitabla and compassionate. The time represents what you need to understand or focus on moving forward. The time is an 8. I could go in depth about the symbol 8 but what stands out to me, for you, is, persue proper goals. Make sure to take appropriate steps or put in required effort to get what you want. 8 is a highly karmic number so, the law of cause and effect is completed. You get back what you’ve put out. Seek balance in all you do. 8 also has a lot to do with the business world but don’t become so concerned with money and power that it consumes you. FYI, I give quick snap-shot answers on the comments page but I am available for in-depth intuitive advice/coaching for those interested in private appointments. My email is (plz put Wellness Soup in the subject line). I hope this makes sense and is helpful to your life in some way. I wish you all the luck in the world!

  37. Peace with love. I was ask a very difficult question about loving someone whom life is a secret and if I am ready to endure this love. I went sleepless through the night as my heart chakras question it truths. I went to work and walk home a different route, and listen to my Soul for a answer . When I arrive home something told me to look up and their it is a beautiful praying mantis. I just was in harmony and overwhelm with love. I talk with my secret for 10 months I truly love . Amsure

  38. I always heard that the praying mantis was a sign of good luck. I found a very big one right outside my door by my mailbox this morning. I’ve never been afraid of them because I find them fascinating due to their ever so calm demeanor however, it startled me as I was taking out my mail and suddenly noticed it because when I reached into my mailbox it was not there, lol. I stood there and watched it for a long while before I finally left for work. When I returned this afternoon it was still in the same place left it this morning. I just went to check on my little friend, it’s 8pm in NJ and he is still hang out. if he is till there when I leave for work in the morning I am naming him. But in the mean time we’ve been staring at each other.

    1. Shirley,
      I love that you are going to name him lol. Have you picked out a name yet? If so, you have to share! If it was by the mail box wouldn’t it be nice if money came through the mail?? Let’s hope he’s blessing your mailbox! haha.
      Anyway, the biggest thing I think of with you is, when you are staring at each other – what do you think about? Do simple yet profound questions come to your mind? Focus on the thoughts that come to you and I think you will get information on what message your visitor is giving you. You’re pretty in touch with the spiritual side of life. :) Thanks for your comment. And I love your energy by the way. Also, I wrote about the number 8 below. But again it’s a karmic number so you may receive rewards, recognition, raises or legacies. On the flip side, there could be financial losses but I feel like you are on the positive side. In any event, the energy you have been putting out in the world will come back to you with an 8. Please, please, keep me posted on what happens next for you.

      Wishing you the best,

      1. I wish I could attach a picture. I just got home from work and there are 4 on my front steps. First I sought to, a large green one with the smaller yellowish green one on his back. That was on the wall by my step and then about 6 inches away on the actual step was one that was a little more yellowish brown. It looks like it was keeping guard. And on the same step about a foot away was a brown one. I would’ve totally missed him except that I got downloaded take pictures and send to my kids. I’m not sure what they mean but I hope it’s something good. Somebody watching over us. I mean we don’t have any huge issues, just life in general

        1. Hello Lori!
          Since you mentioned the colors, I will tell you what they represent…Green=healing, Yellow=happiness, and Brown reps being grounded. I see an older male on the other side looking over you and your family (father/grandfather).

          For more in-depth intuitive information, feel free to email me for an appointment at .

          All the best,

  39. My relationship has been through some rough patches to say the least. My lady and I are both in early stages of recovery. She told me she doesn’t think she can get past some things I’ve done. Then I walked outside went to the store came back and there was a praying mantis on my doorstep. What could this mean? I am very spiritual and firmly believe in signs from Creator.

  40. Thank you for your response Aleesha. I did name it only because it was still here this morning, Lou, but after speaking to a friend they told me that it was brown because it is pregnant. So her name is now Lulu😃. Well, I just arrived from work and Lulu is still hanging out on my door frame but just a little higher then yesterday. If Lulu feels comfortable where she is making herself then she’s welcome to stay for as long as she likes. As for what I feel when we look at each other is “wonder”. I wonder what it is trying to tell me & why it’s been here for 2 days now.

  41. I saw a preying mantis in our bathroom last night he crawled on my arm and I took him in my room.put him on the wall,I woke up this morning and thought he was gone but his still here crawling around the wall in my room.and every time I go near him he crawls on my hands and I keep watching him moving his head like his talking to me.I’m just wondering what it is his trying to tell me.

  42. today I have a praying mantis outside of my door it’s three Apartments building my apartment make the 4th one and he’s outside of my door I have financial problems but if this mean a symbol of God I just want to be blessed

    1. Hello Altavia,

      You mentioned number 4. Number 4 reps the desire for organization on a mental level and physically wanting to organize your surroundings and life. The focus is on money and possessions because they add to your sense of security. 4 can be a money cycle for you but it’s money given for the work you do. You work-you get paid. It doesn’t represent money that seems to come as good luck like with the number 3. At any rate, change is coming and 4 relates to money. So like I always say, take care of your money and your money will take care of you! Seems like positive omen. Best of luck. :)

      For more in-depth intuitive information, feel free to email me for an appointment at


  43. I have been visited by praying mantis of various shapes and sizes over the last month… But tonight was the most interesting. I was on the front porch watching a movie on my iPad. A large leaf looking tan praying mantis walked in front of the screen and turned to look at me. This went on for a couple minutes. I put my finger towards it to touch it. It grabbed my finger in between it two little arms and started walking with it towards the edge of the coffee table. It’s stopped at the edge of the table and let go of my finger. It started staring at me again. I asked it what it wanted and it turned its head sideways and then flew off. What do you make of that?

    1. Wow…very interesting. Did anything significant happen in that spot? Any significance with the coffee table? Is there a picture that you can see in front of you or behind you on the wall in that spot? Is there a hallway off to the right of you from that spot where there are pictures or a picture?

  44. Hi, Aleesha came across your site researching the symbol of the praying mantis. I felt like what happened last night and this morning was a good sign. I’m having financial difficulty, need a new car and have a lot of money problems.

    Last night we were in a car rental that is an older year and wanting to buy the new model if I ever solve this money issue. I’m praying frequently God will help me financially. I need a new car and to pay a lot of bills.

    We arrived back at the house after grocery shopping for our large family. We pulled in the garage and my husband pointed out a very large praying mantis on the hood of the car. When he said it I smiled and laughed and said oh how cool and at that moment he turned his head and wouldn’t stop looking at me and I kept laughing and saying how cute!

    We unloaded the car and it never moved, we put away everything and I went out to get a closer pic. And he/she started crawling faaast to me lol. I jumped and it turned around. My stepson started to try to look for it and it was gone in the closed garage.

    Then this morning driving to work, guess who popped up onto the windshield as we are getting on the freeway!

    Sorry for the long story but I’m hopeful my money situation is going to be much better and prosperous!

    Wish I could post the video here!

    Thanks again for your site!
    Jo Anne

    1. Hi there Jo Anne,

      I feel like things are going to turn out just fine for you. I believe that the Praying Mantis was there specifically for you and the message was that your prayers are being heard and you will be blessed and you always have been blessed. AND your story wasn’t too long. :) I appreciate your comment! Stay positive and have fun and enjoy your family.

      For more in-depth intuitive information, feel free to email me for an appointment at

      Many thanks,

      1. To anyone leaving comments after Sept. 13, 2015, I will be unable to respond until Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015. So please expect a wait time before comments are answered.
        Thank you!

  45. I came home to THREE massive praying mantises last night after a long day at work. Both my husband and I are in the process of interviewing for new positions with our respective employers. Last night in particular, I had plans to complete the presentation slides for my interview later this week. We also have been actively discussing a new home purchase, but finances have not been where we want them to move forward with the plans. When I left for work this morning, there was one praying mantis still hanging out around my front door.

    I was initially creeped out by them because they were SO BIG (they had to be close to 9 inches long!), but I am hoping their presence indicates good fortune with these potential changes!

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      You saw Three praying mantises and the number 3 represents activity manifesting itself AND luck so looks like a very promising outlook for you :).

      Keep us posted and GOOD LUCK!

      For more in-depth intuitive information, feel free to email me for an appointment at .


  46. I am literally surrounded by these guys. The seem to love my yard and bushes out fro t and lately I am seeing them pop up all the time. Big ones and little guys. Everywhere. I know its probably just a breeding ground for them but I like thinking they are symbolic. It has always been my favorite insect. Along with bees.

    1. Hi Erika,

      That’s pretty cool that your place seems to be a breeding ground for such amazing creatures. You can’t help but be blessed!! :) The largest amount of praying mantises seem to show up in September, which I have always considered to be a special month. If there are things that you want to make happen, this is the month to do it. There is also a blood moon this month. It’s a great time to set intentions, make positive changes, and manifest the things you want in your life. No limits!

      Thanks for your comment. Stay cheerful. :)

      For more in-depth intuitive information, feel free to email me for an appointment at


        1. A Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse of a Supermoon (moon is closest to earth and looks BIG). Happens on September 27-28. Will be a time for letting go and releasing things.

  47. I work graveyard shift and i was beginning my break. I entered my truck, closed the door and opened my sun roof. Seconds later, something flew into my truck, passed my face (which scared me instantly), and landed on my window. It took me a minute to figure out what the heck i was looking at. I then realized that it was a praying mantis. I’ve always was fascinated by them, and have only seen a couple in my lifetime (i’m 34), but this does not excuse my fear for…..Anywho, i was staring at it for a while; at the same time wondered where it was flying from because there was no tree near my truck. I had a little assistance from a co-worker, who safely placed the bug on a bush nearby. I was curious as to what the Mantis symbolized because i didn’t feel it’s presence was a coincidence. After reading your Blog, i now feel at peace with my curiosity. What a wonderful feeling, Especially after having a dream about three black spiders a couple of months ago. I pay attention and feel there are meanings to so much involved in our day to day (numbers, names, the moon, etc). Overall, i hope i can be more of a blessing to my family in the future and pray to also be financially set so that my son does not have to have the worry i had in struggle growing up; as his father does not support his son no way a all…..Thatnks to seeing the Praying Mantis, My hope is stronger. Peace and Love to everyone <3

    1. Yon,
      Hello! Glad to hear you had a special visitor especially after dreaming about spiders. :) I wrote a little about spiders on the page:

      You are right, there is so much information that is available in our daily lives. I’m not sure if you know, but I am offering a workshop that is about recognizing symbols, patterns, and energy through Numerology on Saturday. Are you in CA? Here is the link just in case You mentioned the moon and we are having a blood moon this month. So, great time to set intentions and make positive changes in our lives.

      The date you saw the praying mantis And your age add up to a 7. 7 represents a time to look within; a time of rest and reflection. It’s not a time to push issues or you can end up sick. The efforts you put out in past cycles can bring you rewards now and they can be material or in other ways. You have to know you have done well and know that things will naturally take care of themselves.

      For more in-depth information, feel free to email me for an appointment at or visit this link

      Thanks for writing. Love and blessings to you.


  48. I’ve had a series of non-ordinary animal visitors in the last year and have looked-up each one as they have been closely around me in some way or another, which includes chipmunks (never had before), owls (on my porch), crickets (in my bedroom wall) and wild rabbits. Now a praying mantis came into my kitchen yesterday on 9/9 and this beautiful bright green one is still in my kitchen for a 2nd day moving from the ceiling to the kitchen cabinets. I don’t want to let him out just yet because I’m enjoying his company and I’m hoping that it’s OK to let him stay awhile. I am a meditator so I don’t feel that this spiritual message is about going inward. But I’m not sure what the real message is for me. I have prayed for definitive signs in regards to someone I met in the last few years, whether it would work out for us. I should mention that he is my Twin Flame. But this praying mantis also arrived on the same day that my sister also did, who I’ve had a strained relationship with. The last few years have been extremely difficult and I certainly could use a change in my circumstances, which perhaps this might indicate. I would appreciate your comments.

    1. Hello Alex,

      I certainly believe change follows a praying mantis. To see what kind of changes, I will focus on the numbers 9/9 that you mentioned above. 9+9=18 and breaks down to 9 again. 9 represents a time of endings with people and situations that have outlived their usefulness in your life. Even if the people or situations involve family. I’m not suggesting that you don’t speak to your family I’m only telling you what the vibration of a 9 represents. It’s out with old – in with the new, in preparation for a new beginning and cycle. With the relationship you have to go with your gut, but a little insight never hurt. :) If you would like more in-depth intuitive information regarding your relationship, see this link or feel free to email me at for an appointment. I can take a closer look at your situation and help you gain some clarity.

      Thank you so much for visiting the site!

      P.S. I can’t believe you had owls on your porch! Where do you live??


  49. Today I was filling my car with gas. I left the door open and when I went to get in there was a green mantis on my seat sitting up on his hind legs just looking at me. We stared at eachother for many seconds. I turned away and he flew out of my car. Then when I got in, he had come back and landed on my windshield. He hung onto my wipers the whole way home. I picked up my daughter and he stood there and stared at her, then me again. Lots of anxiety and uncertainty in our lives rite now. Im hoping this is a sign of good things to come!

    1. Hi Sheri,

      What’s going on that’s affecting your daughter?
      Sorry for delay I’ve been getting a lot of comments…

      Also, if you would like more in-depth intuitive information see this link or feel free to email me at for an appointment. I can take a closer look at your situation and help you gain some clarity.

      Thank you for commenting


  50. When I arrived at work this morning there were 2 Praying Mantis’ on the front door to the building. One eventually flew away but the other crawled up and has been sitting over the door all day. I’m taking this as a good sign.

    1. Hi Kim,

      The number 2 represents a waiting period. A 2 vibration suggests not to push issues but it is a good time for relationships/partnerships and working together with others. Also, people may come to you for advice in a 2 vibration.

      If you would like more in-depth intuitive information, see this link or feel free to email me at for an appointment. I can take a closer look at your situation.

      Thank you for visiting Wellness Soup. :)


      1. My husband was offered a job in North Carolina. We live in Pennsylvania. After several months of going back and forth with the decision we decided to take a leap of faith and he accepted the job. We will be leaving behind our parents and our four grown children. We went on a visit to NC to check out the area and look at houses. While there we both fell in like with a home and decided to put an offer on it. It was accepted. Which was great…. But we haven’t sold the house in PA yet. So this is causing some stress and anxiety even though we understood we would have two mortgages until our PA house sold.
        Today when I got home from work I decided to open a few windows and on one of them was a beautiful green praying mantis. I took a picture and sent it to my husband and told him I thought it was rare to see one, and that I thought it meant good luck. He replied that he saw one yesterday….

      2. I’ve seen several praying mantua outside in my yard for weeks. Then on 9/15 two flew into my bedroom within 30 minutes of each other. I told my sister who I was on the phone with. When I hung up An hour later I tries to get them outside. I couldn’t and turned off light to sleep. After I laid in bed they started flying around making tons of noise. I got up and was able to get one outside. The other I couldn’t. Then I looked up and saw your page. Much has been happening with me and I’m seeking many answers.

        On theb18th my sister was leaving as she had come to spend a couple days with me. I went to open the front door for her to leave and one was on the door handle … Maybe one that was in house?

        I decided to write as tonight a ladybug appeared on mirror.

        Birthday on 9/25

      3. Hi,
        My grandmother passed away 2 weeks ago and I just saw a praying mantis on my top step outside of my door. I have never seen one in this area and haven’t seen one in years. I wonder if it’s a sign from her and what it means.

  51. Hello, I’m so grateful to have found this. My husband called me to look up what praying mantis means. He has had 3 in his presence for the past 4-5 hours. The first one was on the hood of his car, the second on his roof and the 3rd at a bank on the ATM. I really hope it means good luck, we truly need it right now. Thank you for this. Its appreciated!

  52. Hi Aleesha ~ I too, came upon your website this morning while researching the praying mantis. After reading many of the posts, and your replies, I feel led to share my story with you. This week, I have been contemplating God’s grace and seeking his grace in a way that I never have in my lifetime. I woke this morning and within moments faced the symbol of an ongoing “battle” in my life. Directly after, I walked down to my garage to let out my dog. She went out , I closed the screen door and I paused to soak in a moment of the beautiful morning sky and the warming beams of sunlight streaming on my face. In that moment, I thought…God’s grace. I looked about, taking in the moment and I pondered…will I know the boundless nature of God’s grace. I could feel the word, and I just wanted to melt with the sunbeams and feel his grace. My dog came back to the door, I opened it to let her inside. I wanted to stand there for a few more moments in the light. My time was up…needed to go back inside the house. Just before I turned to head back inside, while standing at the screen door, I looked up ever so slightly. Just above the center of my head, on the screen door was a beautiful green praying mantis in the praying position. In that moment, I instinctually knew something spiritual had taken place, but had no knowledge of the spiritual symbolism of this creature. I am grateful to have found you and the opportunity to share my experience. I look forward to hearing from you.
    With love ~ Kim
    P.S. never thought a praying mantis was particularly “beautiful” before this experience, and I was able to capture a beautiful image of the mantis with the illuminating sunbeams :)

  53. Today i noticed a praying mantis in my ceiling. I had seen it the night before on our back deck. I watched to make sure it didn’t come in. But this morning there it was. Right there. I left it alone because I am very short and would not be able to get to it. So I waited for my son to come home. Lots and behold it is gone. We cannot find it. I am worried out dig may have got to it. But i use to see then all the time when i was a kid but not so much now. But this year seems to be the year to see them more often. I really hope this means things are going to start changing for the better.

    1. Hi Kris,

      It’s interesting that so many praying mantises show up in September as I believe this is a holy month. This year in September we had so many things going on Astrologically. Retrogrades, solar eclipse, complete lunar eclipse during a super moon etc., Retrogrades are about revisiting the past and eclipses are about profound change. I believe that the change can be good or bad depending what you choose for yourself spiritually. Let go of a lot of emotional baggage from the past and move forward a lot lighter on your feet. Personal growth is key.

      Thanks for writing; good luck, Kris. :)


  54. today is my boyfriends dads birthday. he passed away 2 1/2 years ago , was thinking about him this morning as I was putting the garbage out, I got into my car to leave for work and something caught my eye on the inside of the garage window I got out and looked and it was a praying mantis, I took a picture starred for a bit and just wondered

    1. Hi Kim,
      Sorry for delay! I got your message and you were ever so polite and sweet! Somehow my messages started from the 18th instead of the 17th.

      The praying mantis was a messenger of acknowledgement. His dad still acknowledges all of his loved ones on this day as they acknowledge him. He must be fond of you.

      Please contact me if you have additional questions @ Also, please share your photo @ Thank you so much for writing me and for being patient and kind. Where are you writing from?


  55. I have a praying mantis in my flower bed for the psst week. It watches me from a foot sway on a hydangea. Today it landed on my head, and crawled down my arm and cocks its head to listen to me talk. Amazing. Lifes been hectic time to do some yoga and meditation!!

  56. I suffer from depression and have for 30 plus years just to give you some insight into myself. My husband commented a couple of days ago that he had seen 2 praying mantis’ right out our back door. I told him I had also. He asked me what it meant that we both had seen two so I have found myself here…It has been a really bad weekend for me.

  57. we just opened a new business a week ago and today we saw a mantis at the front entrance, stayed there still, never bothered by the activity (biz is a gym). any insights?

  58. Saturday September 19,2015 a green praying mantis appeared on my balcony as my daughter husband & I noticed it while leaving. My husband took it to a bush! 3days later it’s back on our balcony what does it mean?

    1. Hi Denise,
      Praying Mantises always bring change. If you would like more info on what changes are surrounding you, plz see this link and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have! Also, for those interested, I offer workshops for groups of 5 or more. I will teach you how to recognize symbols and patterns on your own!

      Thank you for writing and I hope all your changes are beautiful!

  59. Cant believe im here but here goes. Currently 3 am cant sleep usual routine for me. So cal is hot so i sleep in the living room with sliding door to the back open and bed right in front of the door. Bout a week in cuz i usually sleep in the garage but anyways lately ive been on my tablet a lot and i cant get away from it even at work. So tonite i hear something outside the kitchen door, wait a minute, then resume to my tab. Sliding door open still i peek outsidefrom my tab, put it down and just stare outside peacefully. Suddenly a bug appeara right in front of me, and i can tell the outline is a p.m. but only seconds after i flicked the **** out of it (lol) i then start to wonder if its going to come back for me so i get up and turn the light on there i find it on the curtain, and i want to say i let it go but then i wouldnt be here writing this. So here i am 3 in the morning reading through all these responses but they’re all the same, did i just flick my lotto ticket away or was the sign enough for me that i need to get a life? For what its worth ill take the latter, just thought id share…

    1. Nik,

      LOL. Thanks for sharing. I like your comment. Felt like I was there watching by the way you described it. You’re a descriptive writer. Let me know if you ever want to guest blog! LOL. You are right! I often think the same thing about praying mantis symbolism. The outcome always comes down to change! Based on this info., I am asking readers to contact me for an appointment to get specific questions answered as the answers here are more general. I will try and do better about blogging and leaving info for visitors to learn how to better recognize what’s around them on their own, but for the impatient, I am available for questions over the phone. I am offering a special for $10 you can ask me any question you want! See this link for details

      Again, thanks for sharing. I do hope everyone will continue to share. Please upload pictures @ I would love to see your praying mantis pics and I’m sure others would love to see/hear your pics/comments there as well. Unfortunately you are not able to load pics on this site.

      Nik, do you wake up only because it’s hot, or have you always been unable to sleep in the middle of the night?

      Great hearing from you.


  60. It just happen to me today,been going threw some hard time trying to get my life back on track.and when i saw this beautiful creature in new then,Everything is going to be okay for me to stop worring my self to death..😀😊🙏👼

  61. I attended a funeral today as I sat a praying mantis appeared right in front of me on the chair what does that mean

    1. Hi Delmar,
      Mantis represents good fortune and change. I am so busy right now with clients I don’t have as much time to offer as much insight on comments as I did before. If you would like more personalized details, I am offering a special for $10 bucks for individual intuitive information.

  62. I saw a praying mantis outside and it was crawling toward me, but the cat also saw it and started playing with it. Every time the cat let it go it came towards me. Finally the cat got distracted and left it alone. I went inside to get my camera and when I went back outside it was gone. Will I still get some good fortune?

    1. Yes! It still represents good fortune even if mantis didn’t want his picture taken. :)
      For additional information see intuitive wellness coaching tab. I have a special going on for questions!


  63. Hi Aleesha ~ I too, came upon your website this morning while researching the praying mantis. After reading many of the posts, and your replies, I feel led to share my story with you. This week, I have been contemplating God’s grace and seeking his grace in a way that I never have in my lifetime. I woke this morning and within moments faced the symbol of an ongoing “battle” in my life. Directly after, I walked down to my garage to let out my dog. She went out , I closed the screen door and I paused to soak in a moment of the beautiful morning sky and the warming beams of sunlight streaming on my face. In that moment, I thought…God’s grace. I looked about, taking in the moment and I pondered…will I know the boundless nature of God’s grace. I could feel the word, and I just wanted to melt with the sunbeams and feel his grace. My dog came back to the door, I opened it to let her inside. I wanted to stand there for a few more moments in the light. My time was up…needed to go back inside the house. Just before I turned to head back inside, while standing at the screen door, I looked up ever so slightly. Just above the center of my head, on the screen door was a beautiful green praying mantis in the praying position. In that moment, I instinctually knew something spiritual had taken place, but had no knowledge of the spiritual symbolism of this creature. I am grateful to have found you and the opportunity to share my experience. I look forward to hearing from you.
    With love ~ Kim
    P.S. never thought a praying mantis was particularly “beautiful” before this experience, and I was able to capture a beautiful image of the mantis with the illuminating sunbeams :)

    1. Hi Kim,
      How are you? I remember reading this post before. I thought I responded, I apologize if I didn’t. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I love to hear your stories. You write so eloquently and your energy is so peaceful and pretty! I’m glad you felt guided to look up the symbolism of the praying mantis and found yourself here. Best wishes to you on your new quest with and in more grace. Feel free to reach out anytime.


      1. Ok so you probably wont get much “peaceful energy” from me but i still am having an amazing experience i would like to share….my hudband and i jus came home from our 3 day vacation at the beach and we have brown praying mantis at our front door and back door for 3rd day now. We thought they were same one at first but they seem to be “guarding our front and back doors. I have been waking at 333am for 5th morning in a row am am puzzled as to what it all means. I jus rexd some potentially bad health news (need more tests) to pile onto an already bleak looking all over healyhe issue with my crooked spine. What do yall think? 48 yr old gal

  64. Hi Aleesha – I would like to share my story with you! Today, when i was sitting with my friend in a restaurant and had a conversation while smoking, suddenly i felt something landed on my head and i quickly pushed it away and it fell down on to the table , then i realized it was a praying mantis, once it fell down on the table it keep on looking at me and i was really scared and i asked my friend to pushed it away and then once my friend pushed it… it fell down just beside my chair exactly… and it still keep on looking at me and i was too scared to look at it and i just tell my friend that had to go back and walk away and never turn back ….ill be waiting for ur reply :). Tq

  65. For the first time in my life I started praying and fasting for 7 days as I felt like doing so. I was looking for guidance and a breakthrough in my life. After day 7 I woke up day 8 and for the first time in my life I’ve seen a praying mantis on the chair next to my bed. Never heard of it before but my girlfriend told me it was a praying mantis. I left it alone, went to work but in the evening it moved and it was next to my pillow. Isn’t this a great sign ?

  66. This post is so refreshing. There is a lot of stuff happening in my life at the moment. The icing on the cake was that I just enrolled in school for the second time at age 29, then come to find out I may be laid off at my current job, the day after I was officially enrolled. Heartbreaking to say the least, not knowing how I will pay for the loan to keep my courses flowing.

    I went home at lunch today and one of my cats was freaking out at the window. I went over to see a GIANT 5.5″ Chinese Mantis hanging on the screen! The beautiful blue skies with puffy clouds and fall color in the trees behind it just made it’s colors glow so bright. Being a photography major, I wish I could attach a picture, it was stunning. I have never seen one at my apartment before, let alone that large. I slowly ran my finger back and forth on the screen and it tilted it’s head, following my movements. I had an intense connection and peaceful calm come over me, like everything is going to be okay. (First time I have ever felt comfort with a bug) I wondered if that was a sign.

    Upon my return from lunch, I looked up to see if there was a significant meaning behind these creatures. I stumbled across this blog and was relieved to read they are a symbol of good fortune. My 30th birthday is on Halloween. Maybe, just maybe, this is a sign of good things to come. My 30’s need to be much more happy and fulfilling than my 20’s. Hopefully that mantis was a sign from a past loved one, telling me to take a deep breath and know that everything will be alright.

    Love from Ohio <3

    1. Hi Katie,
      Whoa, I have never heard of anyone seeing a mantis that size before! You must have some amazing things to come in your future! Thanks so much for sharing your story.


  67. Ok sobi just moved and i been going thru alot imean financially im not working i apply for government assistance and still waiting i am behind on my rent, bills and more bills i am struggling with 7 kids 5 of my own 1step and his pregnant girl friend my boyfriend and i lost our job at the same time i been praying for help in financial needs and relationship help so yesterday while sitting on the back porch i notice a tan praying mantis today i was on my porch again and notice a green praying mantis
    Im praying that this will bring me HELP in every ways possible god knows i need all the HELP i try to move the mantis from the bug zapper it sat on the chair and started moving in circles i started to pray with the mantis because it sat in the praying stage
    I hope this will help me out in my financial crises THANKS FOR YOUR I FOR

  68. We lost our Gabby (Boxer Dog) of 10 years on Tuesday. Later that afternoon I was on the deck and there it was a Grey Praying Mantis, I know it being there was a sign of something. It was still there 2 days later, not sure if it’s still there today. R.I.P. Gabby oxox

  69. well in Africa, as children we were told that a praying mantis is a symbol of Good tidings…. We always used to joke in Ivory Coast saying that it is the best pregnancy Test…I THINK GOOD THINGS ARE ON THE WAY…. I JUST SAW ONE MY DAUGHTER’S WINDOW-she is 5… and it’s been there since yesterday…I keep thanking God… the past 5 YEARS HAVE BEEN VERY DIFFICULT…….

    1. Hi Ophelie,

      Nice to hear from someone from Africa about the Praying Mantis. So on Ivory Coast, if a woman saw a praying mantis, did that mean she was pregnant?
      I hope the next 5 years are better for you.

  70. I had a visit from a praying mantis last night! I didn’t notice him on my front windshield until i was already driving down the road. Then he crawled over to my driver’s side window and hung there for my entire drive (almost 40 minutes!) I got out of the car and looked at him, appreciating that he hung on the whole time. When I returned he was gone… I looked around a bit, since he was very big and bright green, easily noticeable, but I didn’t see him on any nearby cars or the ground. I hope he is okay and he found a nice grassy area.

  71. A very large praying mantis showed up during the last hour of decorating for my daughter’s outdoor wedding! We had been decorating for days and pretty frantic and exhausted! The mantis gave me a good feeling about it all! The wedding went off without a problem! Today is the day after, and i woke up thinking about that mantis!!!!

    1. Hi Lois,

      I thought I responded to your comment weeks ago! What a great omen for a wedding. I hope your daughter and son-in-law have a beautiful marriage. Thanks so much for sharing.

      All the best,

  72. I came home on 11/03/15 found a praying mantis by my front door and I came out this morning and she is still there. What does that mean?

  73. I just emailed you but now I have more info. On 20 Nov I found a many is on my front porch. I haven’t seen one in over 30 years I think. I picked him up and set Jon in the grass. Today, the 23rd, I found him back on my porch, but he was dead. I was so upset. I wrapped him in tissue and buried him in the back yard. I lost my son about this time last year and feel that this is a message from him or from God. What are your thoughts?

  74. We’ve ( me and hubby)been under alot of stress the last couple of months. We’ve also bought a house and moving end of Jan. Stressed is an understatement. Yesterday a guest (praying mantis ) arrived. I tried to take her outside, but to no avail. She keeps on coming back into my house. She also keeps flying to the windows and doors as if she wants out. When I get near her, she gets on my finger and I’ll take her out, but then she just flies back in. Thank you for your post. It would be nice if I could get a little more insight into this..
    Kind regards, Melody

  75. Hi my lovely children found a baby praying mantis inside the house on our couch? What does this mean? This is a first in a looooong time…..can’t even remember the last time I have seen one:) they were so gentle with it…after all of them had a hold…they released it back into the garden:)

  76. NZ ..couple time this week i saw pray mantis 2 time ‘s and a bumble be it’s still summer here NZ……first appearance on kitchen window curtain and thought how bueatiful and wanted too put it outside with nature,so i grabbed the wooden spoon and let him crawl on that,gently walking toward nature put it on somthing green and the very next day he was bak in the same place..then the following day like 6am a black bubble bee with a bit yellow come through the front door buzzed around for bout 5 min caught hi in a jar released him out onto the greenery

  77. Hello.

    I have been visited by Praying Mantis all my life as far I can remember.

    The first time was when I was about 5 years old, if flew in front of me when I was outside at my grandma’s house porch. I remebered it crwling into the house ceiling and my relatives telling me it was my grandfather visiting me. He died before I was born.

    The second time was when I was about 10years old and it was a big one that I discovered under my school desk. As I was a kid then I remembered using a glass jar to trap it.

    I vaguely remembered seeing it face to face a few times in my teenage years even in my office (in the city) which was almost impossible to see green insects.

    The next strongest memory was when I lost my first child. That night it appeared in my kitchen in a large form. i put it in a paper bag and released it thru the window.

    I also saw it at least once in all my homes – my parent’s flat, my own flat, my private condo, and my rented house.

    Why I am writing now is because I just saw one inside my new house’s window (closed) which I just moved in about 8 months ago. I let my son keep it before releasing it tonight.

    I have been visited by a Praying Mantis i believe more than a dozen times in my life.
    I am now 42. Male.
    It’s so burned in my consciousness that I was even thinking of getting a Mantis tattoo last few years.

    What do you think?

    1. I think you have had someone watching over you for a long time! :) Interesting story. You mentioned your grandfather and the loss of your first child, I’m curious as to what was happening in your life during the other times you saw these/this mantis? Or what happens shortly after? What’s going on now?
      I can see why you would get a praying mantis tattoo. :)

      If you’re ever interested in learning more about symbolism, I offer retreats in Hawaii and classes via skype. Thank you for sharing your story; it’s a unique one. Where are you writing from?


      1. Out in our garage I was sitting and saw a bug scramble across the floor, I picked it up and noticed it was a baby praying mantis, so I put it on the flowers in back.
        I came out later and the hood of the car was covered in them. I was gonna squish them all. But decided to Google them 1st it said they were good to have around. So I slowly caught them all and put them on the flowers, it was rare for me cause I usually only see 1 every 5 years, my wife picked up flowers 3 days ago and wondered if that was how they got on the car, but after reading here I’m hoping they are a good sign, having such a hard time figuring what kind of work to go aftet, I’ve really been stressing about it

        1. I know I already responded to the personal email you sent me, but to add to that, 1 of the numbers you pointed out represents a decision making point. Looking back at where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you want to go. Consider these things when looking at work. What brings you joy and fulfillment? Your past determines your present, and your present determines your future. Also, I will be offering summer saving for those interested in a personal session. Inbox me for details @
          Thanx and have a lucky week!

  78. Yesterday a mantis flew on the balcony. After i took a picture and forgot she was there. Then i felt something on my back. She had jumped on my back. I tought it was a musquito so i had hit her on the ground by accident. After i picked her up and put her into a plant. She flew into a spiders web but the spider wasn’t interested when it found out it was a mantis. So i freed her of the web. That night she stayed hunting the insects on the roof. Beautiful dance she makes.

  79. I see them all the time, they crowd around my home and workplace. I have seen them around for the past week. One also managed to get into my home. It started off with moths getting into every nook and cranny at work then they started thinning out and thats when the mantids started to arrive, over the past week i have been visted by many and it started to occur at my home.

  80. Ok so a while ago I was sitting in my recliner with a big thick blanket on when I feel something crawling on me. Luckily I never freak out when I feel something crawling on me because I try not to kill anything I don’t have to, also that’s a real good way to get bit. So it turns out to be a baby praying mantis. I suppose it could have came came in on my clothes somehow, but how it managed to not get crushed under the blanket I have no idea. I mean it was tiny I don’t think it was a half inch long. I’ve searched for the meaning of a baby mantis but did’nt find much. I feel there’s got to be different symbolism for a baby. Mantises are rare here but I’ve never seen one anywhere that small before.

  81. I was sitting at my computer tonight running a party and looked up to see a tiny praying mantis sitting on the corner of my monitor. It was so neat! He sat there for nearly an hour.

  82. My two cats were kind of playing with something that I thought was a dandelion top. I went over to investigate and realized it was a praying mantis, a big one. It was right in the middle of my living room floor. I scooped it up quickly and took it out to safety. It flew away almost immediately.
    The odd thing is I live 9 floors up and have no trees around to speak of. Also, have never seen a mantis in my city or this country.

    ?? Thoughts?

    1. Wow, 9 floors up? Sounds pretty lucky. Did you have anything big happen after seeing your visitor? If so, we would love to hear about it. I have been, and will be doing quite a bit of traveling. So if I am not immediately available to respond, I want everyone to feel free to continue sharing and communicating their stories. Does anyone have a story about what happened after seeing a praying mantis??

  83. Hello, a Praying Mantis has been sitting on my window screen for the last couple of days? I heard it was good luck? I hope so. I’m partially disabled and I’ve been going through a lot since I moved in this apartment building. Trying to find a new place but no luck. Especially with a neighbor harassing me. So is this a sign of good things to come?

    1. Omen for change…any updates since you first wrote?

      Your location is no good. Location plays a big role in the different types of energy we experience all over the world. For a little insight, take a look at the travel by numbers blog. I think there are two you can read. If you want more specific info tailored for you, inbox me for a session. I can look at the numbers and vibration of where you live using your address etc.,


  84. Thank you for sharing this insight and also thank you to all other respondents. My first time seeing a praying mantis was a few years ago when she landed on my car and a few times at my front door after that. However, about a week ago I find greenish brown one waiting for me at my front door and then last night for the first time, I dreamed about two vibrantly green praying mantis with black spots on their wings. I tried to shew one away but it just flew to the other side of the room. I woke up in this state of, wow what is going on. Then I ran across your blog to see that this could possibly not only mean meditation and contemplation but also a sign of good luck and blessings. I am very hopeful it means good luck and blessings because I am experiencing financial misfortune after being laid off 10 months ago. I pray the praying mantis was a sign that things are about to turn around because things are not so good right now. I am hopeful.

    1. Hello,
      To add to your good luck, you mentioned “10” months. The number 10 is all about new beginnings and 2nd chances in life.

      Cheers to you!

  85. I love praying mantis! Had a large adult hanging out in my garden with me two weeks ago with me. Today I had a baby who jumped on my hand and arm five times. I kept putting her back in the garden but a moment later I would have her jumping back on me. I posted a nice picture of her. I had just prayed and asked my Grandmother who has crossed for some advice on an important life decision when the baby showed up.

  86. I just saw a beige mantis lookin like a stick sort of but definitely a praying mantis when I leaned in to see it. It is just on top of the laundry dryer in the laundry room directly across from my apartment. It has a window facing the back parking lot where everyone hangs out or passes through the area here on lakeshore, anyways what’s weird was I just finished saging my apartment with white sage and then decided to was my big duvet comforter because my place always feels dirty no matter what I do, I literally have to have it immaculate in here to keep it feeling breezy and nice instead of grimy and boxed in. So I also blocked all the people in my life that don’t respect my boundaries or prank call my house or call in the middle of the night because they are up and bored, I’m trying to establish peace and tranquility and respect my routine so I can hold down a job, when people don’t respect me or try to push past my comfort zone, I generally ghost them because they are adults and know what they are doing, I need new friends and yeah, so I wonder what the symbolism is for suddenly seeing this creature which I’ve maybe only ever seen once before in my life so far back I can barely remember.A

  87. Three months ago I lost my baby granddaughter. She was so precious! I miss her terribly and yesterday I was speaking with my daughter, she was saying that she misses her so much too. She said that her husband saw a praying mantis in the garage. What does this mean? Both my daughter and husband have been grieving uncontrollably. There are also 2 other girls in the house, siblings. What change is coming for them? Wiill my daughter be safe????

  88. Every morning I read my Bible on my back steps. This morning when I went out there was a green praying mantis. Curious because it was sitting exactly where I sit to read. Can anyone give me insight on this? It has been here all day.

  89. I was leaving my boyfriend’s house and he always kisses me before I leave, so after we kissed I saw this praying mantis on the inside panel of my door. I freaked out, lol and jumped out asking him to get it out. He attempted to catch it and I thought it was gone so I got back in and there it was sitting on my dashboard so I jumped out again. He tried to get again then it disappeared yet again so I drove off hoping it had flew out or something. Low and behold as I was driving it popped up again walking across my windshield! So I freaked out yet again because this time I was alone. I pulled over to get out. I didn’t kill it, but I caught it in a cup and let go. Now here’s the kicker, I made a purchase right before i went to see my boyfriend and my total came to 7.77 and myself and the cashier were like “wow that’s a good number”. He suggested I play it (lottery ) but I really don’t play but my boyfriend does so instantly he popped into mind. Oh, and here’s something else odd, this morning while leaving for work a small green frog was climbing up my wall in my room. I didn’t bother him because myself and my family believe when see these small frogs that they are my grandfather that has passed visiting us. Needless to say I believe these incidents are not just coincidences but are a sign. I usually never post comments but when reading this post I am compelled to speak of today’s occurrences. I’m I reading to much into this or am I on the right track with thinking that our lives are about to shift for the better? Your thoughts please? Thank you in advance for any feedback. One more thing my boyfriend is from Ghana! But I may be reaching with that one! Lol

  90. I had a praying mantis on my car door yesterday. Today both of my husbands grandparents died together in a car wreck 1 mile from their home. I am saying they are bad luck!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am sorry for your loss. That’s interesting being that we are in a 9 universal year which is all about endings. Above all, praying mantis are messengers. For better or worse but most often associated with good luck. From a universal stand point, after every ending is a new beginning. Thanks for sharing your experience and again, I’m sorry sorry for your families loss.

  91. For about 2 weeks I would always see a dragon fly around me at home and at work…now for the past few days I have been seeing a lot of praying mantis on my screen door and step..the one that was on my door was huge..

    1. Hello,

      I am getting many comments, facebook messages and personal emails. It’s getting hard to keep up so I am replying by personal appointment or small group appointments only. I will answer questions that stand out periodically and I am going to try and create something where I can share helpful info with many people at once as it’s getting difficult to respond one by one. I was thinking maybe a subscription page or videos. I would like my subscribers to share suggestions with me on how I can best help you. Now I’m reaching out for your help – so please, don’t be shy! Would you like to subscribe to a secret page with helpful info and discounts? Or would you like to watch a helpful video? Or, both? What would you like to learn from me? All of your wonderful suggestions are welcome.
      Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback over the years. I could not have grown without you.

  92. My friend and co-worker is going thru cancer and we went outside for a walk. She told me her numbers were up and they were going to try a different drug because the one she was on was not working anymore. I told her that I was praying for her and God will take care of her. Right after I said that, I looked down and there was a big praying mantis between us in the parking lot. I thought it was a good sign, then I found it on your page here.

  93. I just had a praying mantis land on my thumb as I stepped outside holding a book. Today I was offered an amazing employment opportunity. What are your thoughts?

  94. Hi There…A month ago we had a green praying mantis in our home for a few days. During one of those days the praying mantis went onto my husbands car windscreen and stayed there throughout the day as he works on the road as a sales rep. In the evening it was back in the house then disappeared after a day. During that time my husband decided to read up about it and learned about it trying to give us a message. But I cannot remember anything happening as yet. Today my husband is gone to another province on work meetings and a brown praying mantis is on my front glass sliding door for about an hour now. We are going through alot of financial difficulties at the moment and at times we feel like we cannot catch a break. It seems we are getting more and more into debt. I just pray that there will be some positive changes soon hopefully this is the reason the praying mantis is on my door trying to tell me something….If you can help me figure this out I will really really appreciate it. TIA

  95. Just over 2 weeks ago my dad passed away. My family was by his bedside during his last hours on earth and as he took his last breath. He literally died before our eyes. His kidneys and liver were failing then found out he had cancer a week before he died. We saw the signs of his body shutting down like discolouration, distress, agitation, trying to get comfortable cause his body was shutting down.
    From the day he passed away we have had praying mantises appear at our house ( my parents home) almost everyday.
    There is always more then one in our house (my parents home). At one time there were 3 in the lounge, one in one bedroom and one in another bedroom and also one on my cousins windscreen when she left my parents place.
    Other members of our family and family friends (both here and overseas) have also sent us pics of praying mantises at their places between the time my dad passed away and a few days after his burial. My dad has been buried a week now and we still get a praying mantis visit our home.
    We have even spoken to a praying mantis as if it was our dad and asked it questions and asked for it to make certain movements to answer…it would do it. We asked it a question that we knew our dad would ve overwhelmed by and the praying mantis made an almost overwhelmed gesture almost holding its head in its legs and what looked like it wiping its tears which we took to mean tears of joy because it was something our dad last requested from our mom to carry out for him before passing.
    Some may say im crazy and thats fine but i would really like to know if anyone can bring insight into what all the praying mantises showing up means.xx

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