The Crisis of Youth Obesity is Alarming

There is a health crisis that I don’t think many people are aware of and it is concerning our children, the youth and obesity.  Childhood obesity or youth obesity is a real threat and it is critical that us as individuals and families address it since the government seems to be slow-moving.  

It is alarming how many children are obese these days. I recently attended a high school community meeting in Southern California.  During the meeting an alarming statistic was presented. The school brought in doctors to complete student athlete physicals.  They gave 16 physicals to the youth to make sure they were healthy enough for sports.  Out of the 16 student athletes only 4 passed.   That is only 25% were healthy enough to participate in sports.  During the physicals the doctors discovered some of the students had heart murmurs, were diabetic or had high blood pressure. This is alarming for youth to have midlife health issues at 15.   What seems to be the underlying issue.  Our diet is to blame along with the lack of exercise.

The major variable I think is our diet; eating all these processed foods that strains our body in digestion.  Spikes are blood sugar and insulin levels.  We need to go back to eating fresher less processed foods.  None of these excess sugar or corn syrupy foods especially soda should be consumed regularly.

Here is a link that I think you might enjoy regarding the issue.  It will illuminate the culprit.


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