How to Know What Your Child is Doing



Kids and drugs are a huge issue.  Parents need to stay informed with the current times and know what your child is doing.  There are a couple of new fads that are becoming serious issues in some high schools and middle school.  These things are not healthy one bit and can prove to be fatal if overdone.

What the kids are doing is nothing new, underage drinking. Getting drunk is not new, but the ingenious way they are doing it is. They are drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk. This is readily available in gel and liquid form. If they boil and essentially distil it first the hand sanitizer becomes 100 proof alcohol.  In foam form it is almost impossible to do.  So if you have a choice get the foam hand sanitizer.

Another one that I just learned; this new thing kids are doing is kind of crazy.  These kids get tampons, fill them with vodka and stick them up their butts to get drunk fast (the anus is porous).  Now this is just getting ridiculous.  They do this to just get drunk fast without getting caught by not having the side effects of alcohol on their breath.  So teachers might see a kid acting inebriated and not know why because there is no aroma on their breath.

We thought sniffing glue was a problem.  I just wanted to make sure the word got out to as many parents as possible.

It is a shame, but it show our children are really smart.  Parents need to know what their child is doing as much as possible. Now, if they would just direct their energy more productively.


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