Inexpensive Fun Dates

Inexpensive and fun is important.  I like to keep things inexpensive and fun when I can when it comes to dating and relationships.  There are three dates that I use and my friends’ use, especially when trying to live well, that are fun, inexpensive and sure to be hit.  The three inexpensive fun dates are hiking, biking and a day at the beach.  It helps that I live walking distance from the beach and have an extra bike, but even if you don’t live close to the beach these are a sure things to get you and your partners blood flowing and a connection going.

We are all getting older and we all want to stay in shape. Hiking and biking allows you and your partner to enjoy something in common while outdoors and to connect physically without getting physical first.  During these dates you usually have really good conversation, build a good rapport and you both receive each other’s pheromones because of the physical exertion which might help things get hot and steamy later.  Let’s say if things really work out and you want to conserve water you can offer to share showers and order in some Tai.  I’m just saying.

The beach is pretty self-explanatory.  You pack a basket with lunch, a thermos with wine or a beverage of your choice, an umbrella a couple of towels and presto you have a romantic inexpensive date especially if you can find a quiet section.

So there you have it.  If you are dating or in a relationship and you want to keep it inexpensive, consider these inexpensive fun dates.  Oh I also have done the museum as well however that isn’t a good first –third date it is a good forth date or if you are in a relationship.