A Crab Symbolizes Good Fortitude

Crab on the sand

I saw a red colored crab the other day when I was at the beach.  What does a crab symbolize?  I thought to myself this could be a good sign, a symbol of good fortitude.  A crab isn’t something you see every day.  So I researched it and found that if a crab appears before you, it could be a good thing.

Crab Symbolism

The crab is the symbol for the astrological sign of Cancer.  But more than that the crab is said to symbolize great strength and power in gripping and holding and it also signifies prosperity, success and high status in Chinese symbolism.  I’ve read Crab symbolism includes protection, rebirth, and deep emotions.  That is pretty interesting if I say so myself.  Crabs cast off their shells for new ones which is called molting, and this is where the rebirth/cycling association seems to be derived from. So I took a picture of it.
Crabs in Nature
On the natural side, I appreciate the crab for its ability to protect itself with its exoskeleton and its ability to adapt to the environment as well as being omnivorous.   Crabs could be found on land, the oceans and in freshwater.  Crabs are social for the most part and communicate with their body and also by waving their pincers.  Crabs are also known to collaborate and work together for protection and food.  Speaking of food, they are also delicious to eat.
To share,  I found more information at this site here.  http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/facts/?source=NavAniFact

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  1. Yay for the Crab! We really aren’t that crabby you know~! Thanks for stopping by the blog, I agree with you, the symbolism over different cultures throughout history is amazing, and one thing’s for sure, there is always a message! Cheers!

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