Happily Ever After Exists

I was recently asked questions, Is “happily ever after” only a fairy tale? Can two people make a fairy tale come true? Is it all myth, figment of the imagination, or is there really some truth in it?  The short answer is yes, yes and yes.

First off, we are not in a perfect world, so you can’t expect that perfect spouse.  If you start off with that attitude then you took your first step to living happily ever after.  This doesn’t mean you except the first guy or gal the comes your way.  What it does mean is that it is ok to have exceptions to your own dating rules when you have something that is different than all the rest in a good way.

Maybe you would never date a cop or someone who has a child whatever.  What if that was the only thing that hung you up.  Would you be willing to give up a potential happy ever after because of that?  Look if finding the perfect person was easy then no one would be on these dating sites for years, going out to bars and clubs, and so on.  Then you get those who want to advance in their career and in doing so lets their youth pass them by.  Or you get those who started a family with the wrong person and is divorced, not paying attention to the signs, the signs that were more than just an exception to the rule, but a sign to get out. It starts with attitude and knowing yourself and being comfortable with yourself.

The thing is to have someone who is easy.  I mean easy to get along with, can vibe with, are sexually attracted to and who makes your soul sing from your stomach to your brain. Not butterflies but something more, and all those feelings are mutual between the two of you.  Again it is not easy but it exists so stop looking and just start experiencing life and bam it might just appear one day then you might be on your way to living happily ever after, like in the fairy tales.

Happy Times

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