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There are genuine positive benefits to houseplants.  Indoor plants have freshened the air in my house and took away the stale air smell.

I was having a real problem.  I would leave for work in the morning and if I didn’t leave a window open, my entire house would smell stale.  It became embarrassing if I were to have company over, and I didn’t have time to air the house out, it would smell stuffy and stale.  I’ve heard indoor air is more toxic and polluted than outside air so I thought this might be an example of that and something I need to address.

I know from biology class that we breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide while plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis.  With that in mind I determined I needed some more plants for inside the house.  I had a small bamboo plant and a Philodendron plant already.  That wasn’t enough so  I purchased a medium sized money tree and a large hanging Boston fern to start.

I had them for about 2 days and I didn’t pay attention to any difference in air quality. I didn’t notice a difference until I went on vacation for a couple days.  I came back and the house smelled really fresh.  I was actually surprised.  I didn’t think it would work that good, just by adding 2 more plants.

It is true plants and people have a natural partnership.  Houseplants can increase oxygen levels indoors and that is beneficially to us. They help our respiratory processes since the plants also release vapor increasing humidity in the air, a natural humidifier. Plants not only are great for producing oxygen but also contribute to a Zen feeling.   The green color that the plants possess soothes the mind; a type of color therapy, the same with flowers.

House Plants do more than just brighten up a room with color and living energy they can clinically reduce stress, and remove contaminants.   Plants are also known to have relaxing effects on the mind. So not only do indoor plants freshen the air indoors but houseplants are pleasing to the eye and they bring real health benefits to your body as well.

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