Ginger Garlic Tea with Lemon, Natural Cures

The ingredients ginger, garlic and lemon
The ingredients ginger, garlic and lemon

Here we go, another wellness soup recipe.  Flu season is among us. After some research it seems ginger and garlic tea is a well known natural cure for cold and flu symptoms.  So since someone got me sick (I won’t say any names) I was advised to try this remedy. So I did.

What I did was crush two cloves of garlic and chop up the same amount of ginger. I squeezed a quarter of a lemon and about a teaspoon of honey. Boiled some water and let it seep/marinate for 10 mins before I started to drink it.

I’m currently on my second cup. So we will see if I feel better tomorrow. Let’s hope for the best. I have a cough and my bones ache. No runny nose so far which is good. This is my second day of sickness. I haven’t taken any meds today. The only thing was a basic night time cold pill last night.

It actually tastes pretty good. It also seems to make me more awake. I do know garlic is a natural antibiotic. Actually both of my grandfathers lived into their mid 90’s staying active until the end. They would say it was the garlic tea they both drank daily that aided with their longevity. Garlic also lowers your blood pressure as well. We will see.

This is recipe of wellness soup, tea style. I’m going to comment tomorrow to give you an update. This ginger garlic tea seemed to help. I also like to bombard my body with vitamin c as well regardless. If you tried it I hope it works for you.

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