Living a Balanced Life

Helping with balance
Helping with balance

Maintain balance so you won’t fall off. If you do fall, then all you have to do is get back up. That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger so as long as you get up you will be stronger. This is where living a balanced life comes in.

All work and no play makes jack a dull kid. I explained to many people that college is more than just going to class. If that’s what you did and that’s it then you missed out. You hear the term “college experience” it means the extra curricular activities. That means going to games, being apart clubs and going to parties. I tell people college didn’t make me any smarter. What it did do is teach me how to be balanced, time manage and strive under pressure. It taught me the importance of networking. I learned being friends to the professors and participating in class ensured I got a good grade if I was on the borderline. Being a part of clubs I learned which classes to take and which ones motto take. I met all kinds of people some I’m still friend’s with.

I now make sure I have a work/life balance too. If I put too much time into work and I can’t live, meaning all I do is go to work and work late, go home and eat and then do it all over again then that is not balance. That’s not living. Why work like that if you can’t live. I don’t have a problem with working hard. In fact I encourage it but reward yourself to and spend time with friends and family. Take that vacation. It’s all about living a balanced life.

Living a balanced life is important in overall wellness. Always ask yourself am I living a balanced life.

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