Common Sense Bicycle Safety

Riding a bicycle is good in many different ways.  But is riding a bicycle safe especially in the street? There needs to be a serious discussion about bicycle safety these days.  There needs to be a common sense bicycle safety discussion.

I’ve seen with my own eyes two bicyclist get hit by cars.  One guy was pinned under the car moaning in agony.  About 10 guys had to lift the car off of him before the fire department came.  My friend who is an avid rider says he has been hit twice as well.  He lives to talk about it going threw a Jaguars windshield.  There is a saying you can be right or you can be dead right.  The thing is if I were a cyclist I know I would loose in any automobile accident out there.  Even if I have the right-of-way and all, if a car hits me I am going to loose.  With that in mind I’m going to limit my time in the actual street.  I ride on the sidewalk as much as possible and ride in bicycle lanes.  I do not ride on busy streets at all period.

There are actual laws that make it legal for riders to take up a whole lane in the street.  I understand the intention, but I also understand that this is a catastrophe waiting to happen.  Cars get rear-ended all the time. Now imagine a bike getting rear ended by a car.  This defies common sense to me.  All it takes is one person driving to make a mistake and bam.

If cyclists ride and respect cars then I think it will be better for both parties.  Use common sense when riding.  Don’t take up to much space in the street if there isn’t a designated bike path or lane.  Remember you are not indestructible.  Even if you are right and not at fault in a car involved accident, regardless of all that you may still die or get seriously injured.  Now is that worth it?

To sum it up, cyclist just need to exercise common sense bicycle safety and realize you are not a car and stay in your lane.  We can all hope drivers respect cyclist too.  But their life isn’t on the line.

Here is a link from the DMV.


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