Sedona’s Super Lunar Energy Retreat

Sedona 1We just returned from Sedona during the super moon.  I always wanted to go to Sedona. It was one of those bucket list places and once I heard it was a special time I wanted to experience Sedona’s super lunar energy being that is was a super full moon.

I can say that some people are sensitive to energy while others are not.  Sedona is a beautiful place with a lot of different things to do.  From religious, metaphysics, holistic to hiking to water activities, I would recommend going there at least once in your life. The locals say there are more crystals and magnetic energy in the rock and ground around us. That is the reason they say there is so much more energy there.Montezumas Castle

Now the super moon, I didn’t feel the energy in combination with the vortexes.So I don’t know. But what I do know is that it is a beautiful place and I will remember it forever. We did some sight seeing.  Visited the Montezuma’s Castle, did some hiking and ate some good food.  I would recommend Sedona for anyone to vacation.Sedona and Super Moon

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