Dating – The Purpose of the Third Date Rule

The Third Date Rule:

There is a rule that I used and my friends use who are dating.  Actually, I have read this rule in some women magazines as well and they say the same thing. A man should know if the woman is interested in him romantically by the 3rd date.  It is the 3rd date rule or third date rule.  The way a man knows this is by sharing some kind of romantic contact that can’t be confused as just being friendly.  Like a kiss and I don’t mean a kiss on the cheek.  I mean an intimate kiss on the lips.  If the woman doesn’t do anything intimate by the third date.  I would recommend moving on. This date rule is the truth.

As a man and the way our society is you have to initiate the romantic contact the majority of the time.  This means, guys, don’t be afraid to go in for a kiss.  Especially by the third date.  If she doesn’t want to kiss you the first time that is ok.  Here is why.  You might have caught her off guard when you tried and she didn’t consider you romantically.  So try again for a second time later.  She has had time to think of you that way now.  Now she knows you are interested.  If she doesn’t want to the second time then she doesn’t like you romantically.  Men if you don’t initiate any romance one, you don’t let her know you are interested in her romantically and two you are now not seen romantically.  You are now in the friend zone.

This rule will help you save time and find a compatible partner.  If you want a friend relationship. That is cool then this rule doesn’t apply to you.  But if you are looking for romance and your time is precious then the three date rule might help.  It’s a good way to gauge the difference between a romantic relationship from a friend relationship.  The 3rd date rule is helpful.  Check out the 3rd date rule tag, search 3rd date rule, subscribe to the blog and see some of our other posts on the dating.  Many people have found the third date rule helpful.  Most women know in 5 minutes if they consider you a mate.  It is our job to not mess things up from those intial impressions.

We have a perspective from the ladies on the 3rd date rule now as well here

11 thoughts on “Dating – The Purpose of the Third Date Rule”

  1. I thought the 3rd date rule was going to be about something else (i.e. “Don’t sleep with a guy before the 3rd date or he’ll just use you for sex, or he’ll never want a serious relationship”, which I think is BS…but hey I’m 35 and single so what do I know LOL).

    But this 3rd date rule is “spot on” (as Gordon Ramsey would say). The guy should make the first move and he definitely better do it by the 3rd date or the woman will think he’s “friend zoned” her!
    And in my opinion if she doesn’t want to kiss you the first time..she doesn’t want to kiss you at all. I guess trying it a second time is ok (if she’s agreed to another date…then all is not lost)…but if she doesn’t want to twice…then it’s 100% a no-go in the romance dept. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I had a guy friend that I use to hang out with a lot . He never attempted to make a move on me so I thought we were friends. After I told him I started dating someone he never talked to me again! The 3rd date rule definately would of been helpful in this situation.

  2. I wish someone would wait until the 3rd date to kiss me. After the 1st date without a kiss, it’s a wrap! What are we living in, the puritan era? Come on now! Grow a pair and go for it. But the type of men I date know better.

    1. Yeah, a man has to have confidence or he does it to himself and puts himself in the friend zone. Would you say something to the guy or just never talk to him again?

  3. LOL! I never really looked at it as a rule, but it makes sense. When going out with a woman you have to let her know that you are interested in being more than friends. I always say let your motives be clear, that way there can be no confusion. That way you can be clear on whether this will be a friendship, something more, or nothing at all.

  4. Wow the 3rd Date Rule can be real helpful for us guys that can’t afford to be taking girls out all the time. Like Biggie Smalls says …you must be used to me spending…and all that sweet wining and dining but I’m …..3 Dates rule rocks

  5. Three date rule really changed how I date now. I use it to measure how my love life is and is going to be. The 3rd date rule is helpful. There are always exceptions but just reading around the third date rule make sense.

  6. I’ve been interested in a man very romantically and physically and have not wanted to kiss him yet. I’m usually a 3rd date kisser, sometimes 2nd if I feel at ease with him. I feel like the first and second date are for getting to know someone and gauge their interest and personality and start to feel comfortable. If he tries to kiss me on the 2nd date and I’m not ready I won’t judge him for that, Men tend to move faster, but I don’t want him to judge me for waiting to feel ready so that we can both enjoy it. If I’m not ready to kiss on the 2nd date by NO MEANS does that mean I’m “Friend zoning” UGH Dating is so hard!

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