Travel by Numbers to Thailand – New Moon, New Year, New You

Timing is important when it comes to travel and working in harmony with the world around you.   Knowing where to travel, at the right time is key. So, I have selected a destination by using Numerology and the art of timing.  I have chosen to visit Thailand during the New Moon on Dec 28, 2016.  In numerology this date equals the number 4 which carries the energy of manifesting your thoughts into reality in a practical way. The date falls between the traditional Thai Lunar New Year (Festival of Lights or Loi Krathong) and the Gregorian New Year that we celebrate in the United States, January 1, 2017.    We will be  “sandwiched”  between the energy of two transformative New Years during a New Moon.  Talk about a boost of energy! All kinds of new energy and manifestation will be available for the taking.  We will definitely be working in harmony with ourselves and the world around us to manifest our hearts desires.
Besides the beautiful beaches in Thailand, I believe Thailand has a special type of energy because of the strong spiritual beliefs and practices.  Monks here are thought to radiate a kind of beneficial, protective energy that radiates outwards to nearby things.  People can become charged with this positive energy, leaving them with the feeling of peace and rejuvenation.
If you are interested in this transformative Travel by Numbers experience, Recruiting for Good will be rewarding funding to help 10 Good people enjoy New Years in Thailand.
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