Corporate Color Vibration and Emotions

Corporate Colors

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Corporations use color vibration to draw their ideal clients.  Successful corporations realize the importance of color and the emotions that they invoke.  Different colors can communicate the essence and tone of a company.  Corporations utilize this knowledge in their marketing and branding on a regular basis.  It is evident in their logos, advertising, and other marketing tools.

If corporations understand the importance of choosing the most important colors that match the desired clients emotional tone – we should definitely take advantage of color as individuals.  When you hear the term “vibration” as it relates to color, it means a particular color projects a particular feeling or essence.  Each color has it’s own vibratory influence and therefore it’s own characteristics.

We’ve heard terms like “power ties”  and “power colors” so I have listed a few of the moods or vibrations the major colors offer below.

Color vibrations:

Red – Strong, vibrant, aggressive
Orange – Balance and harmony
Yellow – Bright, cheerful, happy
Green – Growth, productivity, healing
Turquoise – Changeable, adaptable, restless
Royal Blue – Solid, stable, sure
Violet – Fearless, reflective, royal
Pink – Warmth and love
Yellow-Gold – Is the aura of all the colors and combines something of all the colors into a harmonious blend.
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