Understanding Symbols, Patterns and Energy

Spiritual pathways :  Recognize everyday symbols, patterns and energy through numbers and colors

Have you ever seen something over and over again and wondered what it meant or symbolized?  Or, have you always been drawn to a certain color (chromotherapy) or number  (numerology) and never really known why?  How do I understand symbols? What does a symbol mean? What do colors represent?  What is a symbol?

One definition of the word symbol is:

symbol is something that represents an idea, a process, or a physical entity. The purpose of a symbol is to communicate meaning. For example, a red octagon may be a symbol for “STOP”. On a map, a picture of a tent might represent a campsite. Numerals are symbols for numbers. Personal names are symbols representing individuals. A red rose symbolizes love and compassion.


Q. Symbolism of a Black Spider

A. In my experience, a black spider represents  negative energy around that needs to be identified and gotten rid of. Negative energy can be from a person or entity that means you ill will.

Q. Symbolism of a Brown Spider

A. To see a brown spider symbolizes good fortune and indicates money is on the way.   This includes daddy long legs!

Q. What do Butterflies symbolize?

A. Butterflies represent life and new beginnings.

Q. What do numbers symbolize and what is numerology?

A. The study of symbology of numbers is called numerology. Numerology helps you understand more about yourself and others based on the name and date of birth. For example, you can discover what year cycle and vibration you are in to maximize your strengths and accomplish goals by knowing the best place(s) to direct your efforts; or understand if now is a good time for relationships or partnerships etc.

Quick fact:  Numerology and Astrology used to go hand and hand before becoming two separate branches.

Q. What do colors symbolize and what is Chromotherapy?

A. Colors symbolize a vibration. A vibration is a certain frequency that identifies specific energy, emotion, or mood at any given time.  Chromotherapy is healing the body, mind or spirit through colors.

It is possible to understand your subconscious and recognize patterns in your life by understanding everyday symbols and energy. Think about what always happens after you see a specific symbol.  If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me at aleesha@wellnesssoup.com or leave a comment on the page.  I offer special services to interested parties! See this link for more information http://www.wellnesssoup.com/intuitive-wellness-coaching/

Best of luck to you on your journey of discovery!

Note to readers:

I have based the definitions of symbols on experience.  Different symbols can represent different things to different people in different places. The important thing is to learn to recognize the symbols in your life and how they relate to you!


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