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A Relationship Waiting to Happen

How We Found a Great Relationship: This blog entry is written by both of us, Tony and Aleesha and we are going to describe our different perspectives before and during our first date. We both feel we have found the greatest relationship that we’ve ever had!  I  thought having a relationship would be time-consuming, emotionally draining, and … Continue reading “A Relationship Waiting to Happen”

When Life Goes On

The older you get the more your perspective of life changes.  I am 33 years old and my older brother LT3 at the age of 39 lost his battle to brain cancer.  He left a wife, a house with a mortgage and a family who loved him very much.  Children were in his plans, but … Continue reading “When Life Goes On”

R & R

Work/life balance. To avoid burnout take a vacation every now and then. It is a part of complete wellness.

Wellness Soup

Communication is key in any relationship, business or personal.  Don’t let relationships get the best of you; get the best out of your relationships.