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Astrology Charts

If  you’re interested in Astrology and would like to take a closer look at you, your relationships, career and how to make them more successful,  take a  look below for a description of available Wellnesssoup astrology charts. What they’re all about… Natal Report $12 Imagine a picture of the planets and  stars taken at the exact time of your birth.  This … Continue reading “Astrology Charts”

Common Sense Bicycle Safety

Riding a bicycle is good in many different ways.  But is riding a bicycle safe especially in the street? There needs to be a serious discussion about bicycle safety these days.  There needs to be a common sense bicycle safety discussion. I’ve seen with my own eyes two bicyclist get hit by cars.  One guy was pinned … Continue reading “Common Sense Bicycle Safety”

Living a Balanced Life

Maintain balance so you won’t fall off. If you do fall, then all you have to do is get back up. That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger so as long as you get up you will be stronger. This is where living a balanced life comes in. All work and no play … Continue reading “Living a Balanced Life”

Falling Out with a Friend

I was recently asked a question, should I reach out to a friend that I have had a falling out with?  They haven’t spoken in years, but recently they dreamed about that person.  That is a tough question; reaching out to a friend who you have a falling out with is not easy.  It most certainly … Continue reading “Falling Out with a Friend”

The Wolves Inside of Us

A battle of two wolves inside of us. A saying about wolves inside of us that I like.  This comes from a story of a grandfather and a grandson of good and bad in us all.  The grandfather explains to the grandson that we all have good and bad inside of us.  They battle for control … Continue reading “The Wolves Inside of Us”

Indoor Plant Benefits

    There are genuine positive benefits to houseplants.  Indoor plants have freshened the air in my house and took away the stale air smell. I was having a real problem.  I would leave for work in the morning and if I didn’t leave a window open, my entire house would smell stale.  It became … Continue reading “Indoor Plant Benefits”

Happily Ever After Exists

I was recently asked questions, Is “happily ever after” only a fairy tale? Can two people make a fairy tale come true? Is it all myth, figment of the imagination, or is there really some truth in it?  The short answer is yes, yes and yes. First off, we are not in a perfect world, so … Continue reading “Happily Ever After Exists”