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Wellness Soup is a service based business within the stress management industry specializing in the ability to effectively teach people how to manage stress. We provide programs and consultations for our clients around the globe which ultimately supports groups in maximizing potential and successful outcomes.  At Wellness Soup, our #1 goal is to provide customers with the best resources and services the market has to offer.


Our mission is to inspire a lifelong pursuit of personal vitality and well-being using a variety of insightful stress management techniques.

 Aleesha and the Wellness Soup team are committed to assisting you mange your stress and reach your success.
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With simple solutions,
she creates a strategic plan as a mindset mentor.
Balance Is Everything.

She’ll create a plan that fits your lifestyle, providing complete wellness services that focus on specific areas you’d like to improve. Aleesha’s professional background includes public and government affairs, marketing, and capacity building. She also has expertise in communication planning and personal/corporate wellness retreats.

An Overview…
Stress Management.

Healthy thinking (and a healthy attitude) coupled with the importance of state-of-mind, perception, and how those perceptions affect our health and well-being creating our reality is extremely important in relieving stress. She’ll counsel, listen, and give a step-by-step custom plan set to heal, pamper, and infuse you with tools to build willpower, positivity, and most importantly, relief from day-to-day stress.

Corporate Wellness.

She’ll provide your team with corporate wellness solutions. As an example, she’ll use color for instance. Corporations use color vibration to draw in their ideal clients. Successful corporations realize the importance of color and the emotions they invoke. Various colors can communicate an essence and tone of a company. Corporations utilize this knowledge in their marketing and branding on a regular basis. It is evident in their logos, advertising, and other marketing tools. If corporations understand the importance of choosing the most important colors that match the desired clients emotional tone they could brand themselves more effectively and gain more customers with a more engaged following. Let me help you with your corporate colors and your color vibration.


Explore techniques to understand the cycles of your numbers while recognizing the impact they have on your life. Improve decision making by working in harmony with yourself and your numbers to decrease stress in your life. She shows you how to apply Numerology in real life situations, and discover more about yourself based on your date of birth and name. She has studied numerology for 18 years. Group sessions are available, please inquire.

Retreats & Travel.

Aleesha and the team recently combined her passion for numerology, helping people, and travel to use intuitive expertise for location destinations. She helps guide and counsel people so they can choose the right times and places to travel throughout the year. Learn where the best places are for what you want most in your life, such as love or money. When you’re ready for new beginnings within, join me on a rejuvenating retreat.

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