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Job Stress Relief

Wellness Soup is an expert at building core capacity through corporate team building.  Team building and corporate wellness is essential for increasing work productivity and reducing work related stress. Stress negatively impacts the body and brain over time and hinders productivity. Many professionals deal with stressful situations often and if not addressed, begin to perform at levels far below their capabilities.   One of the most important aspects of a thriving company is having happy employees which can reduce employee absenteeism, improve productivity, and boost morale.


Team Building and Job Stress Relief Highlights:

  • Onsite core capacity assesments
  • Recognize the impact personal patterns have in the workplace
  • Learn unique techniques to understand your colleagues and corporate counterparts
  • Improve communication, productivity, and receptivity within your team
  • Understand how to implement the right changes at your corporation
  • Know your core capacity strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a zen space where you and your co-workers can work together

We will come into your workplace and formulate new systems for better work processes and dig deeper. We will do all of this while daring intelligent professionals to work smarter, not harder and to do so together.

How much more successful would your team be if the 8-12 hours they spent together daily, they spent as bonded, re-programmed, positive key-players? How much better of a workplace would you have? Wouldn’t you want to work with a “work family” of executives who work hard to establish a successful environment.



Packages are available by request for Job Stress Relief and Team Building. Prices will vary based on group size. Once you have a confirmed appointment via email or phone, you will be sent an invoice to finalize your session. Please see the contact page and book a session using the dropdown in the top right corner.


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