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Combining my passion for numerology, helping people, with my intuitive expertise; I now offer travel and retreats to help guide and counsel. In this free-flowing experience, you’ll find solace within yourself.


These retreats are ideal as sabbaticals from children, your spouse, or your career depending on the season and theme. They may also be taken as a Family Trip or Romantic Stress Relief Retreat to supercharge your relationships and friendships, and corporate partnerships. I have over eighteen years of experience as a Numerology Specialist.


The purpose of my retreats are to promote wellness. This refers to wellness mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The power of relaxation and getting in touch with yourself is priceless. Learning new ways to do so can be extremely enriching. My retreats offer relaxation, enjoyment, and well-being through self-development. To promote well-being, I introduce ways to reduce stressors by recognizing your life’s patterns and energy through simple methods. One of those methods is recognizing patterns and energy through numbers. Understanding where you are energetically and what pattern you are currently working out in your life helps tremendously with stress. It lets you understand the things you can change, the things you can’t, and when you have to be patient before things start to change. Knowing this alone helps you stop fighting yourself and allows you to work in harmony with yourself and what/who’s around you. Think of it as “Internal Feng Shui” but much less complicated. Working with numerology is an easy way to learn about energy because we all recognize numbers 1-9, and that’s all you need to know to get started.


Another tool I introduce is how to understand how different locations affect you energetically. In some places you experience positive things, in others, not so much. Wouldn’t you like to know what type of energy to expect before you moved somewhere? Guess what? Now you can find out why and where you will encounter certain experiences. You can learn where the best places are for what you want most in your life, like love, or money. When you’re ready for new beginnings within, join me on a rejuvenating retreat.


Before our departure, we’ll determine the right times and places to travel throughout the year. Certain places hold specific energies and more energy than others, meaning these places are better to manifest desired results.


One of the best times of the year to travel is during a New Moon. The moon’s gravitational energy influences the tides of the ocean and can impact your life. It’s important to work in harmony with yourself and the world around you when it comes to getting what you want out of life.


If you are interested in a transformative travel experience, let us find your travel destination together.



Some examples of previous retreats have been:


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Best known for its long stretches of white sandy beaches and turquoise Caribbean waters, the perfect place to decompress and let the beaches wash away your stress.


Thailand. Besides the beautiful beaches, Thailand has a special type of energy because of the strong spiritual beliefs and practices. Monks there are thought to radiate a kind of beneficial, protective energy and radiate that energy outward to nearby things.


What’s Usually Included?




Food and beverages


Introduction to Numerology for well-being


Location Report


Free gift


To add to your relaxation experience, Reiki sessions are also available upon request for an additional fee.



Packages or individual sessions are available by request. Prices will vary based on group size. Appointments are available in-person, on the phone or via Skype. Once you have a confirmed appointment via email or phone, you will be sent an invoice to finalize your session. Please see the contact page and book a session using the dropdown in the top right corner.

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