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Are you looking for Spiritual Healing? Would you like to figure out how understanding your numbers (Numerology) can decrease stress and confusion in your life? How about acquiring the knowledge to know how Numerology can transcend understanding and work in harmony with your life’s changes?


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Let’s meet up over a warm tea and start to understand your numbers.


We can explore techniques of your cycles (professional or personal) and recognize their impacts on your life and decisions. I’ll teach you how to apply Numerology in real life situations so you can always make the best decisions, even when I am not there. We’ll uncover the methodologies and formulas of Numerology, exploring the underlying strength present and how you can intensify experiences. I hold a little over eighteen years of experience as a Mindset Mentor. In our sessions, we’ll reveal life’s patterns and energy through Numerology.


My intuitive and holistic ability will guide you through a healing and empowering session and make you stronger so you can be comfortable and ready for the next challenge in your life!


I recommend Numerology to anyone struggling with confusion or emotional health. I can also be hired for Numerology readings at your next event or party with ample notice.




Packages or individual sessions are available by request. Prices will vary based on group size. Appointments are available in-person, on the phone or via Skype. Once you have a confirmed appointment via email or phone, you will be sent an invoice to finalize your session. Please see the contact page and book a session using the dropdown in the top right corner.

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