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Stress Relief, Reiki Master

Some call me a Healer, a Reiki Master, a Transformational Coach; I’ve even heard Lifestyle Instructor. The most recent title I’ve been given; Mindset Mentor. I create a path for you. This is a path we create together to manage your life as a happier, purposeful, and more fulfilled self.


My techniques vary with each person I’ve worked with from private work with various poses borrowed from Yoga, and often acupressure and reflexology. We might pursue conscious breathing or constant affirmations. We might work within the mind using personal meditation practices creating a more self-aware you.


A lot of blockages I see with friends, family, clients, have a lot to do with their mindset and their commitment to toxic daily activities. I work to cleanse and create a self-aware ‘new you.’ I build you new hope in your habits. I may challenge you to one of my wellness retreats if I feel it is a good fit for you. I will connect you with your growth and use eighteen years of study in Reiki and spiritual knowledge coupled with my project management experience to bring change, new feelings, explore creative desires, and overall healing.


I’ve worked with individuals and companies renewing energies teaching and them to breathe-in new discoveries and enhance their lifestyles. From reconditioning the mind blockages that come with depression or anxiety, to creating new energy to heal addiction and activate the body’s regenerative properties so you can speed healing on your own. We will work through several sessions to balance your chakras, using color and light, crystals and touch as we re-write the way you process the world around you.


I’ll create an eyes-focused environment using proper postures and sounds that induce uplifting of spirits in our Stress Relief and/or Reiki Master sessions. You will immediately begin to feel your energy shift. I’ll work with you to bring about a further understanding of how we must bridge behavior, physical health, and psychological well-being. This environment and energy will help you to come to terms with how they are all fundamentally connected to the body’s energy system. By creating these situations I’ll challenge you to practice the way you process information, so you will begin to react differently within your new controlled lifestyle. Your perceived challenges will help you to adapt organically in more positive and proper ways to stress, burden, an inevitable or unexpected loss, or whatever challenge you may come into. The way we approach your success will uncover many things you didn’t know about yourself and be unbelievably liberating. I work well with those who are in the beginning stages of altering their lives or lifestyles, those who have had sessions before and would be considered intermediate, or those who have already advanced their situations and who are in need of guidance and connection to their next path.



Packages or individual sessions are available by request for Stress Relief, Reiki Master services. Prices will vary based on group size. Appointments are available in-person, on the phone or via Skype. Once you have a confirmed appointment via email or phone, you will be sent an invoice to finalize your session. Please see the contact page and book a session using the dropdown in the top right corner.

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