Praying Mantis Symbolizes Good Fortune

Urban Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Symbolizes Good Fortune

February 29, 2012 /88 comment(s) / Imagine That!


Praying mantis on the wall


I saw a praying mantis the other day on the side of my garage wall. What does a praying mantis symbolize or what is praying mantis symbolism? I thought to myself this has to be a good sign, a symbol of good fortune I assume. A praying mantis isn’t something you see every day. So I researched it and found that if a praying mantis appears before you, it is a good thing.

It has been said that the African Bushmen worshipped the praying mantis as the oldest symbol of God. It was said to be a manifestation of God here on earth. That is pretty interesting if I say so myself. It is also said that a praying mantis symbolizes meditation and contemplation. So I took a picture of it. (Uploading soon).

On the natural side, I appreciate the mantis for its patience and cunning when hunting as it lies still waiting for prey to come closer. I don’t appreciate its mating ritual. The female usually kills the male after mating. I have watched many documentaries on the praying mantis and I appreciate the benefit of having one keep insect pests at bay. Praying mantis come in many shapes, color and sizes and knowing the praying mantis symbolism is key.

Here is some information on understanding symbols. .  It answered my question what does a praying mantis symbolize. To share, there is more information at this site here ,   another insightful link  which talks about understanding symbols, patterns and energy.  Last but not least, take a look at  Cheers.


  1. Jordan

    The Symbolism of the Praying Mantis is of God. You are right on with this post. I always wonder about a lot of things especially animal symbolisms.

  2. Lee

    Thank you for this post! I’m experiencing a critical financial crisis, today I saw a praying mantis on my back deck, this is highly unusual, but this symbolism gives me hope that everything will work out fine and that God is watching and that good luck is near. Bless you!

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      I appreciate your words, and everything will work out fine for you. Bless you too!

    2. Simonia

      God is watching…. Today, I saw a preying mantis on my doorstep.It carfully climbed the whole door frame. I was praying for some financial relief. The mailman came today with a big check…. God is watching.

      1. Aleesha - Post Author

        Your comment refelects the true meaning of praying mantis symbolism. Be on the look out for a praying mantis!

  3. michael

    today a baby mantis was on my car as I pulled into work. I too was curious. thanks for your posts. Is a baby one more rare to see?

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      You are welcome. Praying mantis symbolism…and now baby mantis symbolism. I think it is rare to see a baby praying mantis.

  4. Caroline

    I am sitting on my deck and behind is a preying mantis! I hope it brings good luck because I go in for surgery in the morning and I’m already at wits end with my health and money so I pray he is a good luck omen!

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      WOW what a sight. I’m sure you seeing the praying mantis did symbolize good fortune to come. I hope everything turns out fine for you.

  5. Lynn

    My husband and I have recently had our marriage put through a horrific time. After one very long and emotional talk we found a HUGE green preying mantice on the inside of our bedroom screen door. I knew it had to mean something so I found myself here on this website. I can’t explain it but I knew it was a sign and some how feel more at peace than ever.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      That’s great news. No matter the outcome it seems like change for the better is coming.

  6. Mary

    Tonight, I had a praying mantis fly around me and then went on my front porch and was above my front door. I hope this means something good because we are having
    such financial problems and our home is in foreclosure and I just don’t know what we are going to do! Mary

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Seeing a praying mantis is a good omen. Even if it seems bad now the overall outcome will be better. I understand financial issues and those are for the most part temporary. Temporary is relative though for some it could me 6 months others can be 5 years. But just know the symbolism of seeing a praying mantis is a good thing. God sends us signs and signals all the time. I do know things will indeed get better for you.

  7. chris phares

    Its September 12@9:30 p.m._-A baby praying mantis appeared at my feet out of nowhere and I played some music for it when it would walk in circles,I guess it likes PUMP UP THE VOLUME,LINKIN PARK,TOM SAWYER,etc.What was awesome was when it would almost lay down like a puppy and look up at me and go back in circles and play with me.Lately I’ve had man visits from PRAYING MANTIIS,DRAGON FLIES,CROWS,ORIOLES(not seeing many him Virginia Beach),BUTTERFLIES…..Life is magnetised to HUMAN LIGHT within emenating witbout to the world…The praying Mantis was awesome for like 30 minutes,then flew away…

  8. rowie

    I was just looking in the mirror a few minutes ago and I could have SWORN I saw a big brown praying mantis on my shoulder/back. Scared outfof my mind (because I’ve never seen one and they aren’t common around here) I shook my shoulders violently and threw off my shirt. Still frightened, I picked up the shirt and shook it out. Nothing. I looked all around. Nothing. I searched everywhere. Nothing. I guess I must have imagined it. But why? I’ve never even thought about a praying mantis before. How random! Anyway, that’s why I came to this site. Thanks for hosting it!

      1. Tevin Thomas

        There is a praying mantis on my ceiling I left my window up and I guess it came in last night while I was asleep what does that mean?

        1. A.J.

          Hi Tevin,
          First and foremost, the praying mantis is a spiritual messenger. It’s interesting that it came in while you were sleeping because we work out patterns in our sleep on a subconscious level. On a conscious level, be aware of decisions that you are considering making. And take your time to make the best decision not the quickest or easiest decision. Good is on your side and change is coming.

  9. shakerria

    I was at work outside and I happened to look over and saw a praying mantis on my shoulder! I don’t know where it came from! I stood up and shook it off of my shoulder and then it ran away! What does it mean??

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      It’s trying to tell you something. What was going on around the time that it appeared? Be still and clear your head. Something needs your attention and a wise decision has to be made. The fact that it ran away seems like you’re not receiving the message. Keep me posted on your discovery and outcome.

      1. kerria

        Well I’m a nurse at a mental hospital/rehab. The patients have smoke breaks. I went outside and sat down and was just talking to a coworker. I looked over and I saw it on my shoulder! Was it trying to tell me something about my job?

        1. Aleesha - Post Author

          Is there something going on with your mom? I’m not sure if the message is about work or not but it seems like there’s someone at work that you mean the world too. In any event, it’s a good omen. If you want a more detailed interpretation, e-mail me at with what’s been going on around you in the last three weeks.

  10. Miss

    My Family & I are currently in the process of trying to move to create a better & more secure future for My Children with a fresh start… The very first day that we went to the Realtor, He showed us one place that we really liked a lot. After careful contemplation, we decided that We’d like to take the place, however, their are still other factors from,authorities that have to be considered. My anxiety has been through the roof these last couple of days as I patiently wait for an answer. All the while, the last 3 days, a Praying Mantis has come to visit us on our living room window screen. It would leave every day & then find it’s way right back to our window. My Family & I are firm believers in God & prayer warriors as well, but seeing these posts just helps put My anxiety at ease & trust that God’s got Me covered. I needed this! Thank You all! May Peace & many blessings be unto You…

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Great story! Let us know how you settle in to your new place. I’m glad you found the wellnesssoup site and it helped. Check out the tab: understanding symbols, patterns and energy. You might find helpful info there as well. Best of luck to you!

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Hi Frances. Do you always see them in or around your house during this time of year or, is this a rare occurrence?

  11. Lori Breslow

    A Praying Mantis is at my door! I hope it means good luck/and or angels are praying for us. I’ve never seen such a large one, it’s about 6 inches long. My husband had told me this morning, when he was leaving for work, that there was one at the front door. He said to watch out for it. I went outside, didn’t see it until I turned around to go back inside. I think I scared it, because after I took a few pictures, and opened the door to go back inside, It raised it’s hands. I’ll just let him/her be…

  12. malissa

    I had a bright beautiful visitor today, ive been stressing out alot about different things and been praying all will be well and today I open my slider door and see a bright green praying mantis, I feel so blessed and lucky just seeing one, I haven’t seen one in a very very long time :)

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      That’s great! Do you remember what happened in your life after you saw a praying mantis in the past?

  13. Cherise

    Hi. I just had a praying mantis on my window. At first I didn’t realize what it was and then it came to me (that it was a praying mantis). I’ve been going through a very hard time lately…financial challenges, lonely (I’m not married or in a relationship but desire to be), depressed, etc. what do you think this means?

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Change is coming for you! You have to make a shift in your thinking, though. Be positive and believe what you want is coming towards you! I also sent you a personal email.

    2. Jules

      I’m going thru the same thing as you were going thru. Had the worse day of my life (emotionally) yesterday and found a baby mantis on my car this morning. I’m hoping for better days ahead for me… How did things turn out for you? Hope it was all positive… please let me know if you can:)

      1. Aleesha - Post Author

        Hi Jules! You didn’t get a reply from Gina, but no news is good news, right? :) Are things going better for you?

        1. Aleesha - Post Author

          A couple weeks after your comment I saw a praying mantis that landed on my front windshield right after I parked my car. I took a picture of it and the light from my camera phone made it look like it was glowing in the picture. Was pretty cool.

  14. ali

    Yesterday (Saturday) as well as last Saturday I saved two praying mantis while helping my parents clean our yards. Basically I have found them on branches that we were ready to cut and throw away and I was able to safely remove them and set them onto other plants. I recently graduated from my university and going through many interviews within my field, anxiously hoping to get the perfect job that Ive been dreaming of. Could these little critters be a sign of getting a call back from my desired job?

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Yes, change is coming. Just when you think it’s time to move on to the next few interviews, you will receive good news regarding an opportunity. You may also receive good news a few Saturdays from now that may or may not be work related (Saturday seems to be a significant day for you). If you are interested in knowing what to expect in the days to come, check out this link and look at the transit report section. Or feel free to call me at 424-200-3650 with any questions.

  15. Gerard

    Hello. I saw a praying mantis on the back of my car window yesterday. Don’t know if it was on there from home or if it hopped on in my parking lot after a 10 minute drive Hadn’t see one in years and thought it was usual. Didn’t think about it again until this morning when I saw one on my driver’s side mirrow in the same parking lot. Don’t know if it was the same one or when he got on. Could this be some kind of sign? I have been desperately trying for a new job and hoping to patch things up with my ex gf.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Yes, it’s a sign of some kind! Your ex gf may come across a work opportunity for you. Tell her to keep her ears open and to keep you in mind. If she hears of something it can help patch things up with the two of you. Money problems always cause a strain on relationships. Remind her that you know money problems cause a strain but, you think she might hear about something (and this could change things for the two of you). Then stop calling her so much. To change your energy, try this for 30 days: every morning when you wake up, tell yourself everything you are thankful and grateful for. If you do this you will change your vibration and invite more opportunities in your life. If you’re interested in more information or advice please feel free to email me or give me a call. Thanks and Good luck!

  16. Kristin

    My husband and I have had a very rough year. We lost our twin boys born prematurely at 26 weeks in June and recently had to put down our dog due to cancer. My friend was just visiting and we were talking about healing and getting pregnant again. As she left, I pointed to the new fall wreath on my door and a huge green preying mantis was sitting on the bow. It startled me but my friend tells me they are good luck. What could this mean??

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Hi Kristin,

      I’m sorry that you are going through such tough times. It sounds like your challenging times are going to soon become new beginnings. Every year we go through a different cycle energetically. If you’re interested, send me your birth month and day; I don’t need the year. I can tell you what year cycle you are currently in (in Numerology) and what events you can potentially expect. Typically, every ten years we go through similar life events. Was there something very challenging going on in your life ten years ago?


  17. nants

    noticed mantis hanging out on side of cement front stairs last night as I was cutting back mums. ( I’d seen one there a few months ago as well.) Still there today. it’s snowing (sw of Boston). Where the mantis is seems to be protected from precipitation. I’m enjoying its presence.

  18. James

    A praying mantis seemed to drop right on my bed last night right when I layed down I thought it was weird since I haven’t seen one in a couple years and never in my bed. I just took him or her outside and said later lil mantis hope it means good fortune or something watching over me could use it haven’t had any good fortune for almost a decade.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      That’s great! Think of all the things you are grateful for and that will draw even more to be thankful for. It works!

  19. Teressa Stevenson

    Hi Aleesha! It is 9:04 and we have had a praying mantis on the side of our front door since about 5:30 today. When we came home at 5:30 he turned and looked at us. When we left and came back home it looked like he was praying and did not acknowledge us. What does this mean.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Hi Teressa!
      Well, looking at the numerology of the times you left-suggests a period of change and transformation/release from the past. The focus is on material things. Namely, money and possessions because it adds to your sense of security. Also, getting organized and budgeting is important. Take care of your money and it will take care of you. Two of the three numbers represent finances. However, one involves Karma; cause and affect is completed. What you put out in the world (good or bad) will now come back to you. Both numbers represent work, structure and balance on different levels. Since you saw the praying mantis together with these numbers, it
      seems like a very positive omen in business and finance is coming. Make sense?
      One last thing, since your numbers are physical numbers, your sexual relationships may also be rewarding at this time. But that’s normally if your “year cycle” is a 4, and I don’t know what year cycle you’re in. Just the times you gave me for seeing the mantis. Feel free to contact me for a reading or chart any time! Best of luck to you and thanks for visiting Wellness Soup!

  20. Gina

    I’ve always seen praying mantis as a kid but as an adult no so much. I saw a bug on my window shade since I keep my window cracked at night time. I didn’t know what it was until after I killed it! Did my research on how the baby ones looked. Then realized it was indeed a baby praying mantis. Now I feel awful. I’ve been having some up and downs lately. Just makes me feel worse that I could kill such a non harmful insect. I hope I don’t get bad luck from it :(

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      It was an accident. Don’t think you will have bad luck. Things will get better. :)

        1. Aleesha - Post Author

          You’re very welcome. Please feel free to reach out any time. Have a great week!

  21. Linda Slavin

    I recently lost my husband unexpectedly.. Of course, I am having a extremely hard time coping. I think this is the fourth day in a row that I’ve seen a praying mantis on my front door. This is a rare sight for me. After reading your post, I am hopeful that things will get better for me. God bless you!

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Hi Linda,
      I am so sorry for your loss. Things will get better. I truly believe the praying mantis is a messenger from God. Let me know if there is anything I may be able to help you with. Are you from California?

          1. Aleesha - Post Author

            You’re so welcome! If I am ever out your way doing a retreat I will look you up! :)

  22. Taneesha

    Hello I found a Praying Mantis in the bush in front of my house. I been going through a lot and stressing with depression and losing weight. What does this mean for me?

        1. Aleesha - Post Author

          I really feel like you need to set boundaries with people and situations and this will help you a great deal. Do things in your own time and in God’s time and in your own way. Push everyone else’s expectations out and focus only on the things you have to get done in one day. The saying, “God won’t put more on you than you can handle,” means he won’t put more on you in one day. Try not to be too consumed with yesterday or tomorrow, only with what’s necessary for today. Make sense?

          Good luck, things will change. Like I said to Maria, wake up every morning and think of at least three things you’re thankful for. It helps change the energy around you but stay consistent with it. Do it with your kids too if you can.

          Hope this helps. Also, if you’re interested in learning about understanding life cycles and how to work in harmony with them, I wrote a little bit about it in this retreat post at this link: Let me know if any of this helps. Thanx.


  23. Maria

    Hi Aleesha, I came across your site while looking if praying mantis symbolizes something, I’m glad I came across your site…for the past 3 or 4 days a praying mantis has been standing in our front outside wall near the front door.. First there was one then two and again one…we have had a rough times lately, specially my husband, stress, anxiety, problems, accidents, he has suffered so much since he was little. Couple of years back number 11 was “following” us…we used to see it everywhere and I know that was god looking after us…then we stopped seeing that number. Now thanks to your site I know that god is back, I mean is a message seeing the praying mantis because a couple of days back I was praying and crying because of what my husband is going thru and I asked god for a sign.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Hi Maria,
      So glad you got a sign…and you got God’s messenger himself! :) You must be going through a lot. I’m glad you found the site. What city and state are you writing from?

      Also, you mentioned the number 11 “following” you a couple of years ago. Let me give you an idea of the number/symbol of 11’s vibration…the symbol 11 represents sudden unexpected events that require decisive action on your part. You may have had to make important decisions over night or on the spot. 11 is like a testing period that forces you to make decisions to bring about balance in your life. It’s also about bringing the correct combination of attitudes within yourself that ensure the results you want in the future. It may also be a time when you want to educate yourself in some way. There may be situations involving court, legal issues, settlements, agreements, wills, etc., you’re likely to have flashes of insight and intuition to help you solve problems and bring about balance . Sudden recognition for something new or old is a possibility. The events of the symbol 11 are quick, exciting, and unexpected.

      Thanks for visiting the site and if you would like to learn more about symbols, signs, and numbers please see this link
      Have a beautiful day. Remember one way to change energy is to think of all the things you have to be thankful for even when it’s really hard. Think of 3 things first thing in the morning!

      1. Aleesha - Post Author

        Think of your three things individually then do it with your husband as well, first thing in the morning!! Let me know how it goes.

        1. Maria

          Thank you for replying Aleesha, we live in Ontario, California. And, yes since the time #11 was around us, there was many decisions that we made, that have changed what we had hoped/planned for our future, we had suffered and struggled a lot, of course we also had our happy times. Sometime we wonder when is his “bad luck” is going to stop, he thinks he was curse or just born unlucky, I keep telling him we just need to think positive and pray even when things seem really bad. I will definitely look at the link, I will love to learn more and put it to practice. I need to understand life’s cycles, energy, harmony, numbers. Thank you so much.

          1. Aleesha - Post Author

            Okay – thank you for letting me know it makes sense to you. Also, look at the home page It talks about patterns and energy as well but it sounds like you are ready to learn more than what I have posted and start using it in your life. I’m planning on doing a workshop in September, in Redondo Beach, CA. I will email you the info once I set the date. Or maybe we can Skype one-on-one, or I can create a video. We can figure something out! Have a great weekend and ttys. :)

        2. gina

          I saw a praying mantis on my side mirror Hung on whole way to store and back looking at me I picked up when I stopped to put in safe area it was gone

  24. Karen

    May 26,2015 we lost my 5yr old granddaughter, Amanda was my heart….losing her I lost a part of me, having my grandson has kept me going. A couple weeks ago we moved into another house down sizing….. house wasn’t done til we moved….. some financial problems too. I was just in our basement and saw a praying mantis. I haven’t seen one in years.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Hi Karen,
      That’s great that you saw a praying mantis!
      I’m so sorry for your loss. Have there been any car accidents around you?

      1. Karen

        I don’t know of any car accidents… someone I work with almost had one but we haven’t had any. I’ve been working towards getting my businesse started making clothes for babies with G-Tubes, I’m hoping to get it going…. my granddaughter was disabled and had a G-Tube.

  25. Aleesha - Post Author

    Glad there was almost an accident, and NOT an accident.
    That’s great about your business! What a beautiful way to honor your granddaughter. When you are ready to share your clothes with the world, let me know and you can post a blog on my site.

  26. Sherri Daniels

    Hello everyone I saw a huge praying mantis on the roof of my dad’s car. We were packing for my long trip to college! It was on the roof the whole time we were packing. It also flew on my sister lol. I hope this means well. We are also strong believers in God! What does this mantis mean?

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      God is with you on your new journey. Stay on your path, and good luck, oh yeah, you already have it (The good luck)!
      Where are you going off to school?

      1. Sherri Daniels

        Aww thank you so much!! I am at Marshall university. It is located in West Virginia.

        1. Aleesha - Post Author

          You’re so welcome. Virginia is pretty and so close to D. C. I love that you can hop on the train/subway and go everywhere. Well enjoy and take care of yourself. Always feel free to reach out for advice or kind words. keep me/us posted on how college life treats you!
          All the best,

  27. mkw

    I saw a praying mantis today for the 1st time in 20 years. I was assigned to work at a location I rarely go to. When I get out of my car it flies all around me in circles & finally flies away. 18 hours later I’m finally off work and out of a hundred cars in the lot it is sitting on my rooftop. Then it takes off but flies around me in circles again before departing in the same direction as before. I did not know what it symbolized until now. Earlier this evening I was thinking that I work so many hours I don’t get to enjoy solitude or poetry or praying anymore. Thanks for the info. I will take this sign from God to get back into the praying life that I used to enjoy so much.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      That’s wonderful! I’m so glad the site helped. Enjoy your peace. Where are you writing from?

  28. Lisa

    As I pulled my car in the garage this evening I saw something fly in the window. I thought it was a huge moth. I decided to leave the windows down all night and just go inside. After I opened the windows and was about to get out the car, I saw a big green mantis on the driver side door. I said oh hello praying mantis how are you? It looked over at me and stared. It then tried to fly and it startled me. I went to get my phone to take a picture and it was gone. My car had just been stolen a couple weeks ago, it was recovered after a week. I have been living in fear that it would happen again. Tonight when going to move my car in the garage, I thought it was stolen again. It wasn’t stolen, I had just parked it in a spot in my complex that I don’t usually and forgot. Anyway, I’ve been going thru a lot for a few years and seeing that wonderful creature made me feel better but it left so fast! I wonder what it was trying to tell me. I am in Ontario Ca and would love to go to your event.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Sounds like there is a lot going on around you and that you are often protected without even knowing so. I do hope you can make the event. I believe you will gain a lot from it. It will be informative, comforting and fun. You’re ready! Let me know if you have any questions.

      Sorry for delayed response. I just got back into the country.


  29. wwjamnik1@msn. Com

    I have a praying mantis that has been in the same place for four days. I offer him fly’s on my finger and he takes them. I also seen three others in the same facility. What do you think? I feel that I’m being blessed.
    Scoot in Colorado.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Hi Scoot, in Colorado,
      Wow again! I haven’t heard of a praying mantis being fed. I gotta’ do a retreat in Colorado! Let me know where a good place would be! I’m so glad everyone is sharing their experiences.
      Well, you mentioned 4 days, and the number 4 represents a door way to worldly success. Direct work for direct pay. A time where organization, law and order are important as well as strong and secure foundations in your life. Money and possessions add to your sense of security. Be economical and practical now. Take care of your money and your money will take care of you. For men, fatherhood is possible. Budgets, remodeling, weight loss, and jury duty are also possibilities under a 4 vibration. Don’t put yourself in too much debt and don’t become too sensitive, stubborn OR sensitive. Hope this helps! Keep in touch. :)

  30. christina

    I have never come across a praying mantis in my 28 years on earth until today. I was outside watering my plants and one came crawling out of a bush. Me and my sons observed it for awhile and then we went inside. Well about an hour later when my husband came home from work, he had a different praying mantis in an empty bottle he said he found at work! It was bigger and darker than the first. We took the one he found and set it free in the same garden. I just keep having the feeling this was a sign……… Just too much of a coincidence.

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Wow! I haven’t heard a story like this with a praying mantis. Sounds like a family omen for sure! Are you trying to make a big transition as a family? Feels like it’s a good omen and a positive one. Where are you writing from? Please keep posted even if you don’t get your revelation until later. I’m very excited for you and your family!! I would love to speak with you further.
      Aleesha XOXO

  31. sylvia

    Ya i just seen one on my wall is scared my bc i have never seen one before right by my front door I’m just going to leave it alone and i hope is a good luck bc i could really use some right know

    1. Aleesha - Post Author

      Hi Sylvia,
      Sorry for delayed response…I normally try to respond within 48 hours but I just recently got back from my retreat to the Dominican Republic. To see pics check out the portfolio pics on home page. That’s great that you saw a praying mantis, I leave them alone too and let them do their thing :).
      One thing I believe for sure, is that the praying mantis represent change. Being that we are in an 8 universal year and that an 8 is a karmic number, I think the change can be for the better or not. What you put out is what you will get back. I wish you good luck and change for the better! Let me know how it goes!

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